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  1. And one Banksy's most ambitious projects...
  2. Has anyone had a good experience providing these to clients for on set listening? It seems like swapping out the rechargeable batteries at lunchtime might be a bit inconvenient.
  3. Speaking of Banksy, I like his latest piece... https://apnews.com/article/banksy-bristol-england-aachoo-1d9df2cc9e07c99a802a612669adf21f
  4. Cool ad, and a very nice looking pair of headphones. But yeah, too pricey. And doesn't it seem weird they called it "AirPods" when that's the same name as their in-ear devices?
  5. This is my dog Goldine. She's a four year old rescue pup, and she loves to be near the water but not IN the water.
  6. I've used 1/2" white paper tape with no problems as well. I've removed it before (carefully), and was able to get it off successfully without tearing the foam.
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