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  1. Caycecole

    Best Reporters Microphone

    My newsroom is slowly switching over to RE50N/D-Bs from the vanilla RE50s whenever we replace one. They have a little bit hotter of an output which can be handy with many of the budget prosumer recorders used by reporters.
  2. Caycecole

    Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    90% of the time I am using fabfilter and izotope plugins. I live on RX, Q2, C2 and Altiverb. Unfortunately none of which are free.
  3. Caycecole

    DR 680 Battery Question

    I used a 680 exclusively for a couple years. I happened to have a portable battery designed for computers/phones and gave it a shot. It worked like a champ. It would usually last all day and I had a couple sets of eneloops as a backup. I thought it was a pretty elegant solution for $80. LINK to amazon