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  1. Thanks Jack. But I am in China now....So taking myNomad10 back to Zaxcom...haha......I shouldn't bought the Nomad10.I thought that 12 's another USB just for the external HD or coding mp3.....
  2. Love your idea. May be I can use my Nomad10 as a Digital-Preamps to recording some classic concert.About multi-tracks I think we need some gear that can trans AES to ADAT (Most of better Interface has ADAT) .There are two 1U(A half U )RME gears can do that. ADI-192 DD 4 x AES/EBU I/O (XLR) 2 x ADAT I/O (optical) 2 x TDIF I/O (D-sub) 1 x SPDIF I/O (optical) 1 x Word Clock I/O http://www.synthaxchina.cn/en/adi-192-dd http://www.synthaxchina.cn/en/adi-4-dd
  3. So glad to hear those things releasing ! But why can't Nomad 10 use with TOUCH or Oasis console ?!and please tell me how to upgrade my nomad10 to nomad12 please。。。。。
  4. In China.We don't stick talent's body too.Only sticking on the cloth. Thanks,Thomas,But it's difficult to buy your Ebook to me,cause I only have a China zone APPLE ID,cant buy your book in Chinese itunes. And an new USA APPLE ID can't accept my Chinese VISA。。must be a local card....But I'll figure out 。
  5. Thanks,I ‘ll try your way. Hope to work out the porblem of RFI.
  6. There wasn't RFI when I pluged the TRX742 straight into the CS3E or KM184. I bought my two CS3e on Trewaudio.com 2013. SN is 3630 and 3631
  7. Matthias,Do you get TRX742 on the top of pole too? I have never had mine fall off,I used Ambient QATTOP TIP to mount 742,but still have a RFI problem with Sanken CS3e。。。。Why did you use 90° Angle Whip Antennna?
  8. Last midnight,I tested my gear.Unfortunately,I have this RFI problem too....... Sanken CS3e ---> Canare 30cm---->TRX742 B26---->Rycote Blimp plus Ambient QAT Top Tip---> loud RFI Sanken CS3e ---> Canare 30cm---->TRX742 B26---->Sennheiser Blimp-------> Very loud RFI Neumann KM183/184--->Any way setup--->Clean Why No one tell me before I bought two CS3e and Two 742.....
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