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  1. Any mixer that can crowbar the word "cunt-hair" into a interview gets my vote. Call me if you ever work in LA.
  2. When HD took over, professionalism went out the window...it just snowballed into all the pinpoints everbody has mentioned.
  3. Bill Randall..WoW..haven't heard that name in a while ..I believe there was a Bill Randall,Jr. working with that crowd too. Bill,Sr. I think passed away a while ago. No idea about Chuck ...
  4. Jeff , did you remember the sound crew on "Harold & Maude"? Or you still weren't gravitated to sound yet, and didn't hang around the sound Dept?
  5. Mark is a great mixer, as a note to the article, Tarantino shoots his movies with one ( 1 ) camera . And with post production now, you can lift lines from various takes, off-camera dialogue boomed and wild-lines and throw them in an actors performance on screen and nobody can tell. Stick any mixer with half a brain and a decent boom operator on a single camera movie...the odds are you'll get a very low ADR percentage, rather than have 2 or 3 cameras shooting silly things we've all seen them do.
  6. My boom mic doesn't cause shadows...their lights do...
  7. then CUT! Camera op : "You're all over the hood of the car" Boom op : (talking to mixer) "You have to use the wires they're seeing me in the car " Take 2...Boom pole in boom caddy to get sticks
  8. Anybody ever see a production report? Some shows use to pass them on time card day just to take sure your time and their times are matching. Anyways.....there is always a note (to make the studio happy? or legal reason?) that there was a "safety meeting held at call". There should of been a safety meeting that day in GA... How many people remember the last "safety meeting" held at call time ? I had a few on the show I was on at the time of that accident by the 1st AD (they were stage days, same stage we had been on for years) Sadly it seemed like another knee-jerk reaction by this industry. I appreciated the meeting...but like Brent's Rule....I'm still working over 12 hrs...
  9. He's opening up a new chapter in life..........chapter 11
  10. I boomed and did utility with mixer Ed White on and off for probably 10 years. He told me a brutal story when he mixed the movie "Maximum Overdrive" directed by Stephen King. It was filmed in Wilmington, NC in 1985 during the legendary Dino DeLaurentiis studio system, (which was where "The Crow" was filmed) and killed actor Brandon Lee. The DP on "Maximum Overdrive" was operating a shot, which his son (the 1st AC) was pulling focus on. The shot was a lawnmower, operated by a remote control that the F/X people were using, was to move towards the camera and stop. The F/X people didn't remove the blade...the lawnmower didn't stop...and chewed right through the front box/lens/and some wedges and shot all that material up through the eye piece of the camera. Oddly the shot is in the movie, and right before the accident , there is an edit. The DP yelling for his life, ultimately lost his eye, and was blind in that eye forever. That movie shut down for 1 week and when they began again, the DP's son finished the show as DP. The original DP left the show, sued Stephen King and Dino DeLaurentis for un-safe working conditions and settled out of court...anybody ever hear of this story? Exactly.... Now...nobody died during this like the "Midnight Rider" accident....but it seemed like more of the story was who's fault it was...rather than how to prevent it again from happening??
  11. Even that camera was quieter than the RED....
  12. Does anybody know of the (retired?) production mixer Craig Felburg? Looking for some sort of contact/whereabouts of him...
  13. The mixer is Jim Sabat, from the film "Just Tell Me What You Want" (1980) The photo was published in a book by the still photographer Louis Goldman.
  14. I saw that Hal Whitby has passed away on the 695 website also last month...does anybody know if he was ill ?
  15. I found it interesting that they missed some people in the "tribute" section last night at the Oscars. On that note , they did include Nat Boxer a new york soundman long since retired who died last Dec.. However he did several Francis Ford Coppolla movies. and won an oscar or two. If I recall..I think he was one of those guys that got hired as sound mixer...then boomed the show ( like a Nelson Stoll ) situation. Anybody out there have any thoughts on "mixer's" that serve as boom op on the production ?
  16. Gabe Cubos , Richard Lightstone's longtime boom man died last Sat. he was 54.
  17. Yeah, Keenan had a career as a boom op full time. He hooked up with Depp on a film called "BLOW" or around that time. He basiaclly became a full time sound tech/utility now on all his films . He used to boom for Ed Tise and Paul Ledford . Knows all about sound and has a friendship with Depp.
  18. Keenan Wyatt is Depp's sound technician . He is a 695 member, a qualified boom op and a great guy. Basically any productiion mixer that is hired on a Depp flick brings his own team ( boom & utility ) and also works with Kennan who is already in place as a Depp's sound tech. No Union problems , Kennan is handling all duties that would be done by any other 695 or any other local member. It's like a 4 man crew.
  19. So......Did they (SAG) even get what they wanted? ....I know these meetings are "give a little.... take a little"....but is it another situtaion where (like the WGA strike ) everybody seems so tired of the talks one side just gives in? .....In the long run was it worth it ? .....Holding out this long for a contract ?
  20. Hey Jeff, This might be off topic.....but since you were talking about old crew guys. Do you know if Gary Holland is still in the biz? I did a film with him once abot 13 yrs ago...and we lost touch since then. Just Curious...
  21. Try watching the first 15 minutes of VALKYRIE with Tom Cruise. It actually sounds like all of the production audio was used...however the machines and jeep noises behind Tom Cruise and a General in a walk-and-talk are so over the top the dialogue is lost. Might be a bad example....however it comes to mind being that I saw the film last week.
  22. Ahh CrewC that seems correct. I do like that Jeff said he used to ( maybe still does ) request that the sound crew be listed as" Production Sound " rather then " mixer, boom and utility " on a film. Is that correct Jeff?
  23. Simon Kaye had an upfront in the begining credit on " PLATOON". He was the production mixer.
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