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Found 20 results

  1. I'll start off by saying I am very new to all of this, so I apologize in advance if the nature of my question seems very basic... I've rented a G3 wireless system as a wireless hop into a Sony F55. I'm using a rental house provided XLR to TRS to go out of one of the XLR main outs from a SD 633 into the Senn Tx, the input level on the Tx is set to -48. The Rx is set to output level of 0 and going into the F55 as Mic level. The F55 has a manual volume of 0 and it's db reference is -60. When I send tone from the 633, the Tx meter peaks to where it should, then drops down very low, I'm not sure if this is just the specific ballistics on this Tx... But the tone into the F55 looks at the right level. All that to say, I recorded on the 633 and on the F55, and the results are troubling. The 633 sounds fine, however the F55 sounds phasey and very hissy. I've attached two audio clips to help show what I mean. I was reading up on this workflow and I know that a special line level cable must be used to allow for this specific signal flow to work. I haven't yet called the renal house to ask if perhaps they provided me with the wrong cable going into the Rx, but I was wondering if someone here would be able to identify it immediately by listening to the audio clips? Any advice is greatly appreciated!! CAM_audio.mp3 SoundDevices_audio.mp3
  2. I've been getting this really weird interference at this one location in an apartment complex in Hollywood and was hoping someone could identify the problem. I'm running 1-3 Sennheiser G3s, one with a countryman B3 and others with the stock ME2 mics. All the TXs do it, no matter the amount of kits running or frequencies. And I have tried to recreate the problem at my house without success. It's not radio hits or drop outs, but this rapid fluctuations in audio levels, almost a gurgling of the levels. The weirdest part is that the second I step outside onto a patio, or even the hallway, it stops. Looking at the TX, when I'm outside on the patio the levels look normal, but right when I walk into the room we're shooting in the level meter spikes and hits the limiter, even if its quieter inside than outside. This is on both B3 mics and ME2s. I've tried scanning frequencies, changing banks, groups, sensitivity, everything and no matter what I get issues. My only idea is maybe there is a massive amount of unshielded wiring in the complex and is somehow radiating a ton of electrical energy and overloading the mic cables, making them essentially striking rods. Here is a tame example. Usually it's jumping about 5-15db 3-5x per second. The crashing sound is a door slamming and blinds shaking. There are no radio hits or drop-outs, just a massive jump in audio levels. Ideas on what this could be?
  3. I'd like your opinions on this one please... The other day I was on an indie doc shooting on the F55. I was using a G3 as a wireless camera link (notice I didn't say hop) with the squelch setting on 'Lo'. At lunch I powered down the G3 Tx but camera dept. didn't turn off the Rx on the camera. When they powered back up before me the DP saw the audio levels being blasted with the squelch signal and told me to: Tturn it off or disconnect it because he had not yet paid for the camera and didn't want to damage the audio circuitry" I set the squlch to high and walked away. I just want to make sure that my initial feeling that he didn't know what he was talking about and was being more of a DB than a DP was accurate or to make sure I wan't in the wrong on this one. Thanks
  4. I'm getting this weird noise in one of my g3 receivers. The noise is only there when the receiver is off. If I turn it on, it disapears and the unit is working fine. But I still would like to know: what is this...?? 0327021.WAV
  5. Hi I just found out that the cable for the G3- 112 , cl 100 is unbalance and that the cable cl 500 is balance but sold with the 500 system. I would like to know if it will give me any problem to use cl 500 cable in my G3 112 system? Normally i would believe that balance is better than unbalance, but there must be a reason why G3-112 is sold with a unbalance cable. I will use this to connect to my HD recorder 664 with balance input. Any comment would be nice, thanks. And yes I know that the G3- 112 is not world class radiomic, but with a DPA 4060 mic. it helps a lot. Thanks
  6. Hi, a newbbie here, with a ew100 g3 problem: Transmitter is sending signal, reciever's screen indicates signal input but no audio coming out from minijack's output of my ew100 g3 system. I've been told it's the output's resistor, but wanted to know if anyone experienced a similar problem. Would love to read your thoughts, Gracias Pablo
  7. Hi, a newbbie here, with a ew100 g3 problem: Transmitter is sending signal, reciever's screen indicates signal input but no audio coming out from minijack's output of my ew100 g3 system. I've been told it's the output's resistor, but wanted to know if anyone experienced a similar problem. Would love to read your thoughts, Gracias Pablo
  8. Yes, another "confused with G3" question... I recently bought two Sennheiser CL-2 "line cables" (as the product name says). I was under the impression that using these would let me input a line level signal into the transmitter, yet I find I would have to bump the transmitter sensitivity down to -51 to prevent the AF peak from lighting when putting out a max signal. Was I mistaken? As it is, however, have I understood correctly that to get the best S/N ratio out of the G3 in a hop type situation would be to attenuate the input signal from the source (I quickly checked - Nomad allows a -10 or a -35 dB attenuation on the XLR outs) and raising the sens of the transmitter? The -35 dB attenuation allowed me to raise the sensitivity to around -21 without the AF peak lighting up except very intermittently when tapping on a mic and hitting the Nomad limiters. Thanks.
  9. I recall someone saying that the Sennheiser G3 transmitters are compatible with a different brand of wireless slot receivers. I can’t remember if it was the Lectrosonics SR series or some other brand when switched to compatibility mode. Can someone please tell me which receiver would work? thanks,
  10. Hi! My first post here I'm going to Cefalu in Sicily in a couple of weeks doing a reality show. I will be using up to 6 Sennheiser G3(a-band) systems simultaneously. Has anyone been working on Sicily using G3(a-band) systems? Or Lectro block 20-21? about the same frequencies. It would save my day if anyone knew. Thx!
  11. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I do a number of roles in video/film production including directing, camera and editing. But in the last year there has been more demand in my services as a boom op/production sound recordist. Specifically in the narrative branch which is the most enjoyable for me. As interest has picked up I've been adding to my sound kit. The most recent addition has been the Sennhieser G3 deluxe wireless kit from B and H. My package has arrived now. Before I dig into it I want to check into the wireless spectrum that is best for Seattle. My unit happens to be "A". A friend mentioned that that "G" is a good way to go. Somewhere in the last year I did see a list of spectrum recommendations per city/region. Since the system was not inexpensive I want it to work well for some time to come. I may in time end up working in the larger production hubs as well. So being up on the spectrum issues will be a plus. Does anyone have knowledge on this subject or access to a data base? Thanks much! Michael Kleven www.michaelkleven.com
  12. hi Im begin in sound for picture business and i'm getting some equipment and I was wondering what will be better between a sennheiser ew100 g3 or a old lectosonic system like 195d thanks
  13. Hi! I'm going to upgrade my Senn EW g3 and I'm a little bit confused about the next purchase... Within my budget I doubt between the new Audio Ltd. EN2 series http://www.audioltd.com/eng/ and some used Lectrosonics like the old UCR210D receiver with the UM200C transmitter. Both systems are more or less in the same price range. Since I work 99,99% of the times in docos and reality I REALLY like the scan function in those EN2 but I'm scared they're not good enough to be a real upgrade from my g3's. I don't know also if they're powereful enoug when it comes to transmission and avoiding drop outs (they will be better than g3 i guess, but I've did'nt try by myself). The Lectros have proven to be very nice, but I'm scared about the mechanical freq. setting. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  14. I have recently been experiencing odd noises coming from my G3 receivers. The noises sound digital in nature, its not static or RF interference. I noticed that the noise is only apparent when the backlight on the screen of the receiver turns off. When you press a button to wake the screen back up again the noise goes away. The noise is also synchronous with the the little LCD display, in other words, when something moves on the display (like the audio level indicator) when the backlight is off, you hear the little digital artifacts. It is very odd, and very annoying. I recorded a sample of the noise. The first part is the noise by itself, with the lav on the transmitter muted. The second part is the noise with the lav on, and how it reacts when there is sound going through. Anyone have any ideas? Here is the link to the audio file.
  15. I did an interview yesterday and I had this recurring problem every 2-5 minutes or so. It was always the same: 5 quick pulses of the high noise, under his voice, but it seemed to be amplified when the speaker increased his volume, leading me to think it's a problem with the lav or the transmitter. I'm using Sanken COS11-D's wired for Lectro, with an adapter to the Sennheiser G3's. His receiver was going into input 2 of my 552 out of the direct out line level pre-fade to input 3 of the 744t. I have never experienced this problem before, and I use these same pieces of equipment on a very regular basis. Any ideas what it could be? sample.wav
  16. Hi Everyone, I tried searching, but no hits. Do Sennheiser G2/G3 wireless kits work below the border? Specifically, I have B block frequencies. Thanks! Matt
  17. I've been wondering about a few things. First, I've found that when using my 302 with a Rode NTG-3, a Sanken CS3e and Oktava and Schoeps hypercardioids it seems that in most cases (quiet to medium volume interview speech, for instance) I have to set the gain pot on the 302 around three-o'clock to get levels like 0-+12 on the mixer. More or less depending on the mic in question. Is this what one might expect? I assume it probably is, since I would think the possibility of having a defective mixer are fairly low. Second, I wonder if someone knew about the best gain staging when going from 302 to a Sony PMW-EX1 via two Sennheiser G3's. I've found that when setting the G3 Tx's to -42 dB sensitivity and having the EX1 inputs as line levels, you have to crank the EX1 gain pots all the way up AND set the G3 Rx's to max output to get the levels even somewhat matching. I'm wondering if it might be better or worse to try setting the EX1 inputs on mic level and first turn down the camera inputs, then Rx output (if needed) to get to matching levels. The production we're working on is a busy, low budget reality show in noisy places and the DP and I live in different cities so no time to play around and try out for best results so I was wondering if someone had any experience on this particular camera and its audio quirks. Thanks!
  18. Edit: This issue is solved. As Jaymz suggested, the receiver was getting T-power from my 302. Silly me. "Is the power cord connected?" Can someone recognize my new "friend"? One of my two G3's is outputting a pulselike "signal" (an unwanted one, that is). You can check a recording of it from the link below: https://docs.google....eE5GRU50RTJXb0U It's sometimes lower, sometimes higher. As you can deduct from the recording, the receiver puts it out even when the transmitter is off. What's worse, it puts it out along with a transmitter signal, so it get mixed into the sound. When a transmitter is on, it seems that it's mostly gone when there's only ambient noise going on but it comes right back when a louder sound such as speech is emitted. I've tried different banks and channels and AF Out level settings, changing the output cable, it's always there. My other G3 pair is fine. One other thing I notice is that when I compare them with identical settings, both fitted with Rode Lavs, this problematic one seems to also output more noise, as if the compander was doing weird stuff. This pretty much looks like I have to take it for a warranty checkup. Annoying since I just got the other transmitter back from a full mobo change (spontaneously died on a shoot, no explanation). Still, I'd love to know if someone has an idea of what's going on. Not much of an electrician myself, but still.
  19. Hi, I wanted to share with you this little addon to a Kortwich bag I made. The issue was, that you cannot see the display (with RF, level, eventually battery information) when the Evos are in or on the bag. Also, the bag-walls are a bit thick for the sensetive Senny beltclamps. So I took some plastic L-shape profile out of a hardwarestore, some black tape, some Tesa Velcro, and a bunch of "cold shoes" (is this the right term?). The holder is still somewhat in a beta stage, but works not bad. The caveats are: - You can't really put the Evos (and therefore antennas) upwards for better reception. However, if I have the bag on a table/cart, sitting in front, the antennas are upwards and everything is optimal. -If you bump into something, there is easily enough force on the Evos to shear the little pins on the base of the CA2 that keeps it right-angled. They still work, but I'll have to retighten the screw once in a while, when I touch something, e.g. in a dense crowd. If I make a new version, it will have some sort of hinge with adjustable friction like on a french flag. That way, the default position is upwards, but a look on the displays is just a flick of the wrist away. Whenever bumping into something, the Evos are not the first thing to be touched any more. Sorry for the bad pic quality.
  20. Being on the verge of spending money again, I want to make sure this is the right step before parting ways with my hard earned cash. I'm a sound mixer who is relatively new to the craft (about 9 months doing location audio) and I want to invest in some pro quality wireless. One of the things that I feel is most key to being a good sound person is to have pristine audio. Now pristine is a relative idea but getting as close as possible is a good approach when you don't have the clients or money to access the top quality Zaxcom's/Lectro systems. My question is about the sound quality of a Sennheiser G3 Wireless system wired to a Sanken COS11 lavaler vs. Lectro LMa/Lectro UCR100 wired to a Sanken COS11 = ?
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