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Found 15 results

  1. Hey Guys, I want to throw my balls on the court, have not worked with TC extensively. About 5 months ago I started jamming and it has been only with the Alexa's 5pin lemo. I get back to the norm, and I get set for a Red Epic W shoot and I soldered a new 4pin LEMO for the shoot, and come to find out he had a 5pin (like the Arri) and a BNC. Unfortunately I did not have my 5pin with me, I know the older Reds had 5pin LEMO. Than I found out that they have other boosters that have a BNC solo TC in? I was wondering what tips you all may have that could steer me from stumbling like I did today? P.S. In any of this correct me if I am wrong, but why is this not streamlined to one input type? Thank you for your Valued Time, -Phil
  2. Would an absolute timecode based on UTC time be a viable option? Using UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, the worldwide used date/time of day reference) as absolute timecode would allow to operate any device totally independently anywhere in the world while keeping a very precise uniform timecode. With a GNSS-disciplined precision oscillator it would be possible to keep absolute time sync better than +/- 3 milliseconds per day even if the GPS/GLONASS/... satellite signal is lost. With automatic GNSS resync a precision better than +/- 1 ms is easily possible. The drift without any GNSS signal to resync until 1 frame is reached would correspond to about 2 weeks. Effective precision depends on the used hardware, figures are based on relatively inexpensive commonly available components but higher precisions are possible (for example GSM networks are synchronized with sub-microsecond precision relying on GNSS time references). With an absolute UTC-based timecode each device could manage its timestamps entirely autonomously. I'd be interested to know if such system could be used as technically it wouldn't be very complex to implement.
  3. I don't do it very often, but sometimes I convert BWAV files to mp3 for transcription. I have yet to find mp3 conversion software that will carry over timecode information from BWAV files into the mp3 tags. I know from experience that recording directly to mp3 from a Sound Devices recorder will spread all kinds of useful metadata-like information into mp3 tag fields. Timecode, track names, etc... But doing this after the fact via conversion software would be handy. Now that I've gone Nomad I'm curious to see how the mp3 recording option will handle metadata. It is yet-to-be-implemented currently. Actually, I'm going to HAT! Mark
  4. I'm having an issue getting time code from my zaxcom ERX into an atomos Flame. The flame has the updated software to sync thru the BNC sync connector. When jamming the flame claims the time code is a different frame rate. Both are set at 23.98. The flame jams fine from an F55. Time code is fed from my 788t thru a trx900CL shows up fine at the display on the ERX. Any thoughts ?
  5. Dear all, I need to sync video with audio WAV (scratch audio on channel 1 and LTC on channel 2). I have been advised on this forum to use da Vinci Resolve. It works, but unfortunately the audio files is trimmed to the exact duration of the video clip. This is not appropriate in our documentary setting where audio starts before and ends after video, providing very valuable material. Does anyone know how to circumvent this problem, ie to sync while keeping the full length audio, in Resolve (v12), or other tools?
  6. Hi all, I will recently start working on a TV series wich will be filmed at 4k 50fps. The question is, how could I send or receive time code at that frame rate in order to have all synced for the edit? The sound recorders I know can handle up to 30 fps TC if I'm not wrong... I would apreciate any kind of help in this matter. Regards
  7. I have been using Boom Recorder successfully with my MacBook Pro and a Mackie Onyx 1620i mixer, with the Firewire option. I recently upgraded to 8.5.0 and the MacBook Pro is running Yosemite. I have worked with this setup without a problem, until today. We did several setups without incident until, around 10am, I lost timecode and the software aborted the take. Luckily I was able to switch to my backup recorder, but I lost a couple of takes and, more importantly, production had to wait for us. I restarted and did all the pertinent troubleshooting things and it eventually came back, but it's not reliable, and it cuts off eventually. Timecode comes from a Denecke SB3, feeding track 16. During my troubleshooting I noticed that BR sometimes doesn't recognize the Mackie. I wonder whether I'm missing something that would cause this intermittent problem. I'm on set right now, and will be working on this project (national TV commercial) the rest of the day and tomorrow, and am quite baffled. I would love to resolve this and keep working with BR. Any tips you may have, please feel free to text me at eight-one-eight-640-6268 or email me at blaskisic-at-mac-dot-com. Thanks in advance! BK
  8. I've gone over the relevant threads, which were very helpful (and must publicly aknowledge Marc Wielage for his time on email and over the phone, helping me figure out this issue,) but I couldn't find an answer to this particular issue. I have an upcoming shoot that includes playback of a track, which a few 9-year olds (background) will lip-synch to. I've built a striped-timecode playback track, with the appropriate countdown beeps, by summing both stereo tracks into the L channel and TC on the R channel. Regular speed is 23.98 and we're shooting with an Alexa. They also requested a 60fps version and a 120fps version. I did the math and used a Pro Tools plug-in that speeds up the track(s) without affecting the pitch. I'm feeding the TC channel to a Comtek 216MHz tx, which sends its signal to a TS-3 slate connected to a receiver in the appropriate channel. When running 23.98fps everything is perfect. However, any other speed shows jumbled numbers on the slate. I spoke to Charlie at Denecke about this, and he said it would read 60fps, but the slate won't read even that speed. So I have two questions: 1) if I switch to a higher-resolution wireless system (I have a couple of Sony UWP kits that I use for camera hops,) will the slate be able to resolve the higher speed(s)? 2) Should I stripe 23.98fps timecode on the higher-speed tracks, sending those reference tracks to post, so they can at least line them up with the camera's visual cues? Thankful in advance for any suggestions or comments you might offer, BK
  9. The Canon C 300 has a switch for Time Code in or out, is a XF 305 the same? Are the Time Code circuits indentical in the two cameras? or is Canon making something different... I'm thinking about jamming Sound Devices Time Code through 216 Comteks on two XF 305, I would be recording...BUT have read XF 305 only takes 29.97 ND, can anyone confirm or deny that too?
  10. Hello, So I have a shoot tomorrow and I'll be using my trusty 552, they are using a Red Mysterium X. Is there any way to sync time code using just the Denecke SB-T? I've never worked with it before. Thanks!
  11. hello, our mixer is generating timecode from a fostex 824. jamming deneke boxes and slates twice a day. using a 702t as backup recorder. our video and audio seems to have a 75% out of sync rate, usually just between .25 and 1 frame. theoretically the deneke boxes should hold perfect sync though. any ideas what's going on here? we are syncing dailies with scratch, and slipping audio to match video timecode. wishing the slate clap would sync perfectly every time.
  12. Happy birthday to you! 20 years Lockit!! We celebrate this event with an extraordinary limited aluminum special edition and new accessories... A good 20 years ago Guenter Knon worked for the German candid camera TV show. After countless episodes he was getting tired of lining up the Nagras and cameras in the morning each and every day. So he and Chris Price sat down together and after one year and several prototypes the first ACL Lockit was born. In the following 20 years this fellow became more and more famous and reproductive. Thus it rapidly became the head of the well-known Clockit family. This clan was so powerful that they were able to take over the leadership of the international portable sync and time code market. Their strength was based on their internal accuracy, their ability to be tuned to match all situations, and most importantly, on a network of good friends and supporters worldwide. We want to celebrate this with an extraordinary Special Edition of our recent ACL 204: THE ACL 204 anniversary edition… …is a limited run of 200 units with a “full metal jacket”, a machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body. Thanks to the more robust material we could reduce the wall thickness and therefore exactly maintain the weight and price. Together with the anniversary Lockit we are proud to publish a brand new Lockit accessory. The ACL Mount… …is a quick release mount with a fixable 3/8” male thread. This makes the use of Velcro to attach your Clockit device to the camera a relic of the past. The ACM 204 was especially designed for the new aluminum body for older versions there will be a different model: The ACM-TL is a mount with adhere plate for ACN-TL or older ACls I hope you like the new products! Best Regards Timo
  13. Just been checking different breeds of time code, and I found it cross jammed fine. Should I leave it as is, or make sure it can't be done? Thanks martin
  14. It really made me appreciate a good mechanical engineer. I was quite lucky, not a single drop of blood was spilt, nor a drill or milling bit snapped http://babynetslate....one-a-few-mods/
  15. It worked beyond all my expectations http://babynetslate....code-generator/ One comment was
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