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What's wrong with this picture?

Toy Robot

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"What's wrong with this picture??"

......It appears that you were on "set" to capture this experience.

Sadly, you cannot retrieve this lost time.

Incorrect. It was a FaceBook post by a person I have worked with before, whose face I left out intentionally so as not to embarrass him. He is a professional, caught at that time on a set where audio was of no value.

I hope he made his day rate, he is worth every penny.

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At least he had headphones connected to the Zoom... I know of one "professional" boom operator that thinks it is perfectly reasonable to run the pole without ANY form of monitoring what is actually getting into the mic.

I can see ***MAYBE*** doing something like that in a high-action or danger-to-the-gear kind of situation where there is only one talent and having the cans fall off would cause peril... But this guy did this on just about everything.

As far as the rest of that picture, the sticks being woefully overloaded by that RED just shows the ultimate amount of planning that went into that project.

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