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Rode/Switch-craft to Senny 416 problems

Den Nic

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Lately I've been having noise issues with my 416 and my rode blimp, namely the switch-craft connector that connects to the 416. I've had to use snot tape inside and outside the mic to xlr connection and it STILL makes some noise when the pole is moved around a little to hard. HAs anybody had any problems with the Rode Blimp and a 416? It seems to me there is just a bit too much room between them when they are connected. I want to upgrade to a Rycote or a Cinela mount at some point, but for right now this is what I got. Anybody in the same boat?

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Yes. I have had this problem and have to tape my mic to the XLR connector inside the blimp or else the blimp is unusable. I'm using the exact same setup - Rode blimp with MKH-416. I'll be upgrading as soon as I have cash for a Rycote system.

I noticed it almost immediately after purchasing the blimp some time ago, but it never occurred to me that it would be an issue other users would have. The good news is that it is a simple fix. I'm sorry you're still having noise even after taping it. When I tape mine down using electrical tape it is silent. If you can't fix it with electrical tape, I would consider replacing the short cable from mic to pole.

Also, a good trick with electrical tape (and probably most other types of tape) that many people don't know is as follows:

  1. First wrap two full cycles around your anchor point with no tension.
  2. Then apply tension to the tape, stretch slightly and begin your angled wrap from point A to B.
  3. Then finish the wrap at your destination point with no tension, again two full cyles or wraps.

Your tape will never peel off, and it will grip whatever you've put it on quite securely. This is courtesy of an electrician friend of mine and it has served me well for years.

Upgrade when you can (I know I can't wait), and until then, best of luck with your fix.

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Thanks Alex, never tried electrical tape, will definitely give that a shot. I'm looking at the piano form cinela and thinking that will be my next big purchase. Best part would be no one in Toronto (That I know of) has one :)


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I also have a Rode Blimp and a 416. I don't recall having any major issues with the combination, although I don't use it that much (have a rycote zeppelin too) and I do have the habit of running a tiny bit of tape over the joint between the mic+XLR tails, just incase. Perhaps just replacing the tails for ones with Neutrik connectors would be the way to go. The Rode blimps arn't exactly built to be sturdy, i've already had both of the screws get damaged and require a glue fix.


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I have not had a problem with the connector, but my blimp was noisy if moved quickly and it did take a bit of experimenting to get the rubber band mounts quiet. I made mine quiet by preloading the rubber bands a little ... easily achieved by spreading the mounts on the mic a little farther apart than the rings (does that make sense?). I have also sometimes clipped the rear mount to the XLR instead of the mic to get more distance between the mounts.

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I also had issue with the metal area that the boompole screws into becoming look and rocking back and forth, had to take the whole thing apart (Wasn't easy) and snot tape around the metal piece, works fine now though. Pic is attached of the Blimp handle parts.


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Here's an answer from Rode's Andy Taylor....

I've been and checked a few of these switchcraft connectors from our stock with a few different mics. The 416 does seem to be a little loose for the connector (or the connector is a bit small for the mic, whichever way you want to see it). I've highlighted this QC issue and we will review the drawings to ensure the connector is up to spec.

All our RØDE microphones come with a small blue rubber 'ring' that can be inserted into the mic XLR socket to assist in a firm connection from an XLR cable. I checked this on a 416 and it did the trick nicely - if anyone who owns a blimp and is having issues would like one of these I would be more than happy to send some out with our compliments. Just ask them to contact RØDE technical support (support@rodemic.com).

Kind Regards,

Andrew Taylor

Service Manager

RØDE Microphones / Event Electronics

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