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SMV Blinking Lights


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Hey Guys,


So I wired an actor today, got back to the cart, checked it, and it was working fine.


Right before we rolled, I put the fader up, and I heard the wire at a VERY low volume and distorted.  After a second, all sound went away.  The Venue had full RF on that unit's receiver, but no pilot tone or battery level.  I double checked the frequency and it was correct.  I powered down the transmitter, powered it back up, nothing coming in.  The -20 and -10 led's were not lighting up when the actor spoke into the mic.  The RF display was still full, but no audio, pilot tone, or battery level despite the correct frequency.


After 2 more power cycles and a battery change, I assumed the mic was dead.  I pulled the whole wire and rewired him.


Back at the cart I went to turn it on again, and the transmitter went through the full boot sequence, but the -20 and -10 led's started to blink, alternating.  3 more power cycles yielded the same blinking led's.  I pulled the battery and let it sit for about 30 minutes.


I powered it back on, and it booted up like normal and worked fine with the same mic that was on the actor.


Anyone ever heard of this?  Found nothing in the manual or online.


Both the SMV and sanken I was using are less than 5 months old.





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Joe, is this the same day as your failed 788T?...  If so... I would say this is either A)  All a bunch of crap... 8)... you are one unlucky guy...  or C) you need to give up sound and pursue another vocation....


Or... It's a ZAX hoax perpetrated on their competitors..LOL.... ::)   Close enough to the 1st.


Really now, who knows... it's electronics.... could of been moisture, or any other number of things....  really hard to say.... NEVER heard of this issue...  


To have all those things fail even in the time span of 2 days is pretty strange....

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Hi Joe,

Take the transmitter, put it in the refrigerator (35 F), then cycle power to make sure it is working. Try starting it up at the bottom end of the block (0,0) then try the same thing at the top of the block (F,F). This will check the PLL when it is cold. If it gets by this, try heating the unit to about 120 F (you can still touch it but you don't want to) and try the same start up sequence, top and bottom of the block.


If it passes that, then try rapping it hard and restarting it while you are still rapping it. May find an intermittent.


Moisture is always a possibility. If the battery door were open in a warm, humid room for a while and then it went outside into the cold, moisture might form inside. Opening a warm unit outside in the cold dry air would dry the unit out, i.e., is a good action. It's the reverse of opening a very cold unit inside a room containing warm, wet air. All this is somewhat grasping at straws.


If it does it again or fails the tests above, send me a note: larryf@lectrosonics.com  If it has to be repaired, the crew needs to know it is a weird intermittent. That way it won't go back with "No Problem Found".

Best Regards,
Larry Fisher

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Here's some additional info from Dean in support. The blinking LEDs now have more functions than before. See below from Dean:


<<Hello Larry,

Not sure it makes any difference, but the complaint regarding the SMV with blinking LEDs is likely an intermittent DSP failure.

Customer states "...the transmitter went through the full boot sequence, but the -20 and -10 led's started to blink, alternating."

Error codes:

Transmitter modulation LED error codes:


Red LEDs flashing alternately - DSP did not boot


Red LEDs flashing in unison - PLL not locked


Green LEDs flashing in unison - selected carrier frequency disabled


Ever the PITA,


Dean >>


LEF- So the modified post would is, that the PLL is OK, so you don't need to try boot up at different frequencies but the cold and hot tests and mechanical tests are still valid.

Larry F

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jaw: " Anyone ever heard of this? "


I had heard, previously, that the blinking lights, as described, indicated a significant internal technical problem...

Intermittent problems are always more difficult to deal with...

personally, I wouldn't attempt the "torture test workout" Larry described, but would let the service department do it; as he suggested, be certain to emphasize the problem is intermittent

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