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Work In Progress - Stuart and Simon's New Cart


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  • 3 weeks later...

No estimate yet. I can tell you from handling Simon's cart that it is not at all heavy and mine will be lighter. I am very conscious of weight and I will be doing everything to keep it under control making sure that anything I add is the lightest and strongest it can be. In fact, manoeuvring Simon's cart, I naturally lifted the the front with the sedan chair handles as it is so light and well balanced. My previous carts have needed more of a weigh lifter stance but this one will be different. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Sub assemblies for the top section of the new sound cart are coming together. Various machined parts are off to the annodiser. Stuart tells me he's not been idle and the rear power panel is assembled! The front panel with the battery meter and switches will happen next week. The board is power / switching / audio distorto. You can see a line or regulators which will use the aluminium side panel as a heat sink. These are the 10 3A 5v regulators for the USB sockets: there are 4 twin sockets at the back and the pair on the front panel. There are 3 x hirose for internal connection to the comms transmitters' battery illiminators and for the gigabit switch (for Dante). The transformers are belt and braces isolation for unbalanced audio to the comms transmitters and the cart speakers. Stuart being a former sound mixer, he thinks of these things!

More soon.....


Components in progress.jpg

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  • 3 months later...

I apologise for this late update. I collected the new cart at the end of November and it is indeed a work of art. A few pics below to go on with until I write it up properly, but it is already a runaway success. The first question from other sound mixers is "will he build me one?"

This cart is small and light to manoeuvre when retracted, perfectly stable to wheel across the studio when extended but either standing or sitting at a director's chair, my working posture is so much better than at any other cart I have used. I can sit upright with my feet on the battery box. My sight lines keep my back straight and my neck relaxed. I will add a Cantarem 2 in a few weeks but with this new cart and the many updates to the X3 (eq on everything, input and output delays and amazing output routing), I am really not missing the Sonosax (well, perhaps a little).

Below you can see the extended cart, the top section showing the X3 and the original Cantarem panel - soon to be updated to a Cantarem 2. A keyboard drawer and a 1U pen drawer. There is  Marshall 15" HDI / SDI / HDMI / analogue screen (either for single camera or I put an HD quad on video village), iPad mount / charger (with plexi converter for paper sides) to the left, iPhone mount / charger to the right and above are mini rig speakers with sub. Top section is a six pack for Lectro / Wisy / Audio 1010 receivers, a power / switching / (Dante ready) gigabit network switch / IEM 1U box and above that a Venue 2 (and space for another). Above that is a retractible mast for a pair of Betso Sharkies on a Manfrotto 154b mount. 

The cart wheels into the van and is less than 1m high in its X3-PO guise. And the last pic is me sheltering from the cold in December on the back lot.




Tim Whites sound cart 2.jpg



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Hi Tim. Congratulations on your new cart, I can tell it rocks your boat.

Also impressed by its adaptation to your style.

So congratulations to Simon & Stuart also - very, very impressed, not something I would have thought of.

On a technical note, what size are the Rotacaster wheels.

I have looked at them a few years ago, but was not game to give them a go.

I rang them yesterday, apparently they are looking at adding some wheel sizes - one at 80mm (3 1/8") diameter, which I might find usefull.

However the game changer for me would be one @ 200mm (8"). That apparently is a long way off.

Well keep up the good work.

Rob Stalder

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Hi Rob,

and thankyou kindly - that is praise indeed coming from a Cartmeister such as yourself ;-)

I believe we are on the 125mm Rotocastors, and they are working out pretty well. The nice thing is that it doesnt matter if you push or pull the cart, the wheelbase remains the same. This is good as if you push the cart, with conventional castors the wheelbase is reduced, and if you hit a bump it can all go a bit Pete Tong.


Good luck with the factory - will you become the Peter Freedman of carts?

Kindest regards, Simon B

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