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  1. i know EFKSound was working on a cover. I wouldn't mind getting some myself:
  2. I've got a couple sets of DT48s I'd let go to a good home. Got anything fun to trade for em? : ) Karl
  3. Nice! You can plug 'em in and cook 'em over lunch!
  4. Anyone know the thread size and length of the essential (but easily lost, apparently) Knurled Thumb Screw that holds the back cover onto the Denecke TS-2 slate? Thanks in advance. Karl Wasserman NYC
  5. "...with a trip to LensCrafters tomorrow!..."
  6. I love those red rimmed wheels! Who makes 'em?
  7. Karl Wasserman

    Lectro Nano

    I think Lectrosonics is keeping the technology the same, and just hiring progressively larger hand models.
  8. Here's the stuff I use for cart trim and for taking the sharp edges off my storage shelving... I can't seem to cut and paste the specific part #, so it's "Plastic Edge Trim with Metal Core, 1/16" - 11/64" Inside Width" https://www.mcmaster.com/#trim-molding/=17044uw
  9. +1 on LoBrutto's "Sound On Film."
  10. A version of the Sound Devices CL-9 with P&G faders, or a software update/hardware interface to allow the 788T to be used with the CL-12...
  11. "Though the story won't end with the pop-up: A plan to build "an enormous, permanent pyramid," in the desert, of all the "Jerry Maguire" VHS tapes, is in the works." It's like we're trying to rickroll future archaeologists...
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