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Rack drawer custom foam

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Hello Brain Trust, I need some recommendations.

I'm re-doing the top couple of drawers in my utility/follow cart.  The pluck foam has finally disintegrated.  I need some custom foam cut for my transmitters, mics and accessories.  I'm Los Angeles, so anything local would be great.  Also interested in the MyCaseBuilder custom work, and impressions of that.



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Jan McLaughlin was the first one that I knew of who found a custom foam drawer/case company --- I wish I could find the link (Search is still a little bit wonky on JWSOUND). I know she had really good experiences doing the drawers in her follow cart.

It may well have been MyCaseBuilder that Jan used:  http://www.mycasebuilder.com

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Mouse over bold header (link)  Click. Takes you to thread.

David has some useful thoughts, and links in his "Custom Pelican Foam" post (bold header is link above.)


And, note: Some of the other participant's post's, in that particular thread - also have some 'food-for-thought' comments, and links, as well.




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Usually one wants to leave about an inch between cut-outs - depending somewhat on what each receptacle is intended to hold. Heavy items would need a bit more space and pencils a bit less.

Looking at your layout, the radio transmitters look pretty jammed in and I would be concerned that the foam "walls" between each one would degrade quickly.

Since the cut-out space needed for the antennas is much less than for the body of the transmitter, you might be able to pack in more units by alternating the left-right orientation. But even so, I think you are pushing matters by trying to fit eight transmitters into a space only 7-inches by 8-inches.

There are some work-arounds if you absolutely must have the equipment density. Rather than have a cut-out for each transmitter, you might have one large cut-out and then have an aluminum frame with aluminum dividers to hold the individual transmitters. You should achieve sufficient protection by the foam "floor" of the drawer. If you like, the aluminum dividers could be padded with "foot foam."

Of course, different foam densities have different strengths. If the mycasebuilder people tell you that you can get away with only 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch spacing, then ignore this advice.


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On 1/8/2016 at 7:31 AM, Phil Palmer said:

I chose the denser foam which should, according to them, allow for a tighter configuration of cut outs.  I opted for the "re-do" coverage, which they will re-do the design if it doesn't work for me.

The redo coverage is a killer option, especially when first trying them out.  I too spaced my transmitters close together, but if too close they can be hard to grab and get out.  I ended up having two rows of transmitters with the antenna "facing" each other, and about 1/2" of space, with as little as 1/4" in some places.  I also didn't do any cutout for the antenna, instead I made the cut outs shallower than the tx so the antenna rests on top of the foam, and a small amount of the tx sticks up to grab with your fingers.  This works better for zaxcom since the antenna are all on one side.  For SMQV cutouts, I used their finger hole option, which is a nice way to be able to grab stuff recessed into the foam.

I don't remember the foam option I chose, but it's plenty stiff and I haven't had any issues with the foam degrading.

Post pictures once you get them in.  I love seeing how different people customize their workflows.

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