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Alteros Wireless (a new branch of Audio Technica)

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I spent a LOT of time at their booth at NAB this year.  The technical aspects of this new system are pretty mind boggling.


The "Ultra Wide Band" that they speak of is just a 6GHz frequency.  The biggest difference is that ALL of the transmitters are operating on the same frequency.  They use TDMA rather than the FDMA transmissions that we're used to.


BUT, it's not designed for location sound or field productions.  It's made for a broadcast studio, where their "antennas" (actual receivers, rather than just antennas) can be placed around the perimeter to circle the area.


All of the transmitters are wirelessly controllable via the base station, which also has Dante connection.  It's a pretty incredible system, and I'm hopeful that either Alteros (an offshoot of Audio Technica) will design something for location sound utilizing the technology, or it will at least inspire another manufacturer to look into it!

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