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Show me your bag RF distro

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Here is my bag with an Audio Wireless DADM224. Excuse my doughy stomach. Awesome form factor for a bag. I like that the BNC inputs are spaced further apart. I wish the sma outs were on the bottom so I didn’t see a bunch of spaghetti on the top of it.


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Looks great! I'm assuming you have your comtek transmitter buried in the bag and extend it out to the front of the bag? How do you have it mounted on the front?

Also, are you using the antenna distro as your bag power distro as well? Is the bag you're using the ktek junior?

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Using the DADM226 with 3x custom hirose cables with splitters to do power and dirsto for the whole bag. 


Its awesome for its size but doesn't really allow for swapping out receivers easily (and my cable management is a mess) so you end up carrying more than you need for a lot of run and gun days. 


I like that the 226 has power on the side which is easier to reach in the stingray bag. But I wouldn't imagine it makes sense to use the power distribution for a mixer bigger than a 633.







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My distro is made in Hungary. My friend who is a prof in the university, made it. 

It has 1-1 input and 4-4 output. 

I have another one, with more output. That one is on my cart. 

He can made more. If somebody want, i can send his email adress. 

By the way he is the official service for sennheiser in Hungary. 



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Here's my setup. (don't mind the dust i'm cleaning it on the weekend... :) )

It's a PSC RF Multi in a Stingray Jr. front pocket and 2 Lectro SNA600a. I usually keep the top half of the antennae folded and just open them if i need a better range. I'm just finishing a 9 weeks doc with this setup and it works like a charm. The range has been considerably enhanced and i lost the antenna forest on top of my bag. The distro doesn't use too much power either.

I'll be adding a Audioroot power distro in the hole on the right of the right SRb soon.


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3x SRB



keeping things tidy and clean  with NiteIze cable ties on each SMA run, RF Multi fits snug in the Stingray but is easily accessible to switch over to the ALP 650’s when in cart mode. , SNA’s fold up slim within the bag design. Nothing crazy, but it works well for my needs. 


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On 5/3/2019 at 2:20 AM, Derek H said:

I remember seeing pictures of this unit a few years ago. Do you have any other specs? Can it power active antennas?

Yes it is. It can feed them. 

I’v used two rf distro in my two bag. Its fantastic. My reception is allways clear with RF venue diversity Fin antenna. 

I didn’t use the phantom power with it, but i have this option. Normally i just use this option for the calbel test. If my booster is lit, the cable is ok. 

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