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Some recommendations on building a run-and-gun dual system rig for documentary

Thomas Farmer

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As you can see, there are as many opinions as there are sound mixers and choices of equipment and combinations of all the above.


Since an opinion is a viewpoint often based on absolutely nothing, or at best something based on the situation of the person giving you their opinion - you‘ll still have to figure out what will work best for yourself by trying the different suggestions here.... or elsewhere.


I know you will probably say that there is neither room, nor budget to hire a dedicated sound person, but if the end result - and your time,  efforts, money spent on this project matters to you, then it might be worth stepping back and try raising some funds first. 

In stressful situations, especially in documentary settings, where you can’t do re-takes, you may end up missing “that golden moment” because you’re distracted/ have too many things to keep track of....


Just my $0.02.

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On 12/29/2019 at 5:19 AM, Patrick Tresch said:





Here is my Run and Gun rig with the Sony A 7 III and the MS-Schoeps CCM41_CCM8 on cinela Osix suspension  and Sonosax M2D2


The camera rig is a Zacuto gunner and some home made focus pulling tools... 😉


It's 2,9kg. I can soot the whole day with it as my two hands, elbows, eye, make contact with the camera. The EVF and it's peaking infos are really good (much better than many EVF out there) and you can pull focus easily with it.


Sound from the POV of the camera si critical fro me but you can't beat a good boom and some HF. Better have a sound guy with you.

The M2D2 gives you the opportunity to have good 48v preamp and use the great MIX feature with compressor/limiter wich is great if you don't want to touch your faders during the take.






Oh my gosh that is a beautiful setup.


May not be right for OP, but damn that looks cool.



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On 12/29/2019 at 11:23 PM, Constantin said:

To „not particularly care“ and and not „mind at all“ are two very different things. I would mind, and I have minded when I found out that Zoom call the H4n „the gold standard in portable recording“. It’s a blatant lie, they themselves sell better products. Sure, where actual features are concerned it’s more upsetting, but we‘ve also seen our favourite manufacturers do it with other features which never happened, so why should I care more here than in any other instance? Especially when this lack of a feature is so easily replaced. 
But - is this discussion about helping the OP or is it about my indifference toward a TC feature? 

It was about you recommending a product (H4n) which you stated "has timecode", which is disingenuous to say. 
So if you mind, why do you say it yourself?

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1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

It was about you recommending a product (H4n) which you stated "has timecode", which is disingenuous to say. 
So if you mind, why do you say it yourself?


Constatin never said that, you put the words in his mouth.
He wrote:

I would actually recommend the Zoom H4N, as it does everything you need, incl. timecode sync


Now, can you stop the hair splitting please?
(That's normally my job when it comes to LTC.)


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Once again, thanks to everyone for their input. I'm going through all the replies and opinions and referencing with proper research. To address certain concerns that have come up, I mentioned in the original post that my current budget was more or less $1000 but I also said that I am willing to be flexible depending on the options. I understand and respect the importance of quality audio along with video, that was why I asked you guys in the first place! To make sure I was still doing the best that I could within my certain circumstance. I am not trying to say I'm unwilling to spend more money, just at the current moment, $1000 is an easy amount for me to set aside. I am also looking at this situation as an opportunity to research and get more of an idea of a possible heavy duty audio recorder I may invest in later this year. In terms of "importance of this project", it's nothing huge or amazing, but it's no Youtube internet vlog thing either. I am taking the audio seriously, again that's why I came to ask you guys. I've gotten a good idea on where I want to go from here.



And while I'm here, a semi-unrelated question if you guys don't mind. Many of you mentioned the MixPre 3, I am actually testing one out right now for a different upcoming shoot! I like it alot. However, I have been having issues with powering it through AA batteries. I don't necessarily plan to use them long term but for short bursts I can just whip on the sled with some AA Lithium batts on. However, I am getting absolutely NO power from the sled whatsoever. I've tried multiple batteries, all have charge, I've cleaned the sled and dock, etc. I've just been using different power sources. Any idea what may be happening? The MixPre3 is something I have been considering buying because of this post but I'm not sure what this issue I'm having is. Hopefully it's just me doing something dumb and not an issue with the sled itself.



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