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Does Lectrosonics follow a particular update cycle


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It wasn't that long ago, just a few months back, when Lectrosonics released their Lectrosonics DSQD.


Does that mean a "SRd" version of that is coming next? But the Lectrosonics DSQD is small but kinda large compared to the SR format, and much more expensive at US$5K. So I imagine it could be some time away until they squeeze the Lectrosonics DSQD into a SR form factor, and when they do, they price could be quite high indeed? 

Who knows! I've heard nothing, got no idea when an update is coming. Would be nice if it is soon, I could then pick up any SRc people want to get rid of when they upgrade 😉

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We update whenever we think a project is finished under the well established rule that the last 10% of a project takes 90% of the time and the other even older rule known as Hofsteader's rule that a project takes twice as long as your best estimate even when taking Hofsteader's rule into account.


The other rule, not formalized, is that no matter how much you test and beta test, your suffering users will find bugs a few days after release.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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22 hours ago, Johnny Karlsson said:

Yeah, but that’s a 4 channel unit, so pretty much same price as 2 SRC.

Ah, I was thinking (but didn't write!) at the time "I hope the SRD is a quad channel receiver, to make full use of the new Sound Devices SL-2"

My comment makes a little more sense then in referencing to the price of Lectros current (non-superslot) quad receiver. 

18 hours ago, Constantin said:

(or at least fortuitous coincidence)

I'm sure it is just merely a remarkable coincidence!

After all there are so many tumbleweeds in New Mexico, it isn't surprising at all from a statistical analysis. 

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