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The Book is here!

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Wow, just started it and I am very impressed in the way she managed to express in writing things that are usually inexpressible or just felt and unspoken.

I am of course talking about the human relationship part that is 80% of our job. Not necessary because one would not want to speak about these things but because we tend to see them as instinctive or oversee them as "acquired", learnt or plainly part of us, therefore not worth talking about. But reading about these written in an acute and lucid way not only reminds us that we constantly keep on learning but moreover brings a whole new set of perspectives.

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On 1/30/2021 at 12:09 AM, Eero Kujala said:

Anybody know where to order this in Europe? I can't use Amazon and can't find it elsewhere.

For anyone that can use Amazon, Amazon France has it.



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Very enjoyable and inspiring reading.

It's rare to have a book that doesn't talk about technique or theory, but puts the human experience at the center.

I recognized myself in a lot of annecdotes and filming stories.

It's also interesting for us European operators to note the differences and similarities in our working methods on both sides of the Atlantic.

A book to recommend to all.

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