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RX-8 from Zaxcom is alive!

Jeff Wexler

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Zaxcom announced and released the RX-8 Receiver interface today  --  nothing else on the market even comes close to the functions and capabilities of this unit in terms of receiver channel count, size and weight. Eric Ballew has done a really thorough video for this new product.


Introducing the RX8 Wireless Receiver and Dante Interface from Zaxcom. The RX8 holds two MRX-414 or MRX-214 wireless audio receivers and outputs them as a Dante interface or as a stand alone unit. In Dante mode, an addition 8 channels of AES can be fed into the RX8 making this a 16 channel interface. Not only that, it also includes 4 sends to its physical analog output. This a very comprehensive Dante audio gateway between a film set and broadcast truck or trailer.  RX8 is a POE+ / POE++ device which means powered over the ethernet cable. This is the smallest and most lightweight solution for receiving 8 wireless channels in a bag to date.

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6 hours ago, sciproductions said:

Just out of curiosity, is anyone using the RX-8 without Dante? I don't really understand what differentiates it over the RX-12, considering they are roughly the same price and the RX-12 supports 24 channels?

if you are working out of a bag, and want to add two more mrx414 receivers to the set-up,  using an rx12 to achieve that comes with a size and weight penalty.  

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