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Teamster gifts - what is the protocol?

Izen Ears

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I am terrible at gifts, especially when it's just for people just doing their jobs. I feel like it's a brazen bribe and it makes me uncomfortable.  I mean, I only get gifts for good friends so this is obviously just to curry favor.  Kind of makes me sick.  I mostly just thank the drivers, very sincerely.


Do you all give gifts?  At the start of a show or later?  And what kind of gifts?  Beer?  Liquor?  Gift cards?


One of our captains is an ace, totally takes care of us, parks us close and always stings the trailer (no on-board genny!).  Sometimes the good captain is busy and the other one just doesn't do anything for us, no power, terrible parking.  I feel if he got a gift from me, it would be better.  But he doesn't drink!


Dan Izen

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I am curious what the overall protocol is--   I want to thank people without just giving cash..  Gift card-- is kind of like cash.. At least if if is a certificate for a local restaurant you like-- it has a personal touch...      I like to thank my crews in some way.. but i am not terribly creative...  








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I also feel weird giving gifts for people who are just doing their jobs. However, me and my husband decided to teach our children to be thoughtful of other people so we made a tradition where every year on Christmas, we offer gifts to the security guards from their school. The school has 2 security guards that are very nice people. Often times, children don’t thank the security guards for keeping them safe. This is why we encourage our children to do a nice gesture around the holidays. This year we’re preparing gift baskets to express gratitude for their work. I think it’s important to teach these lessons to children from a young age and help them understand the meaning of holidays and the joy of giving.

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