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New Wisycom miniature transmitter


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From first look:


+1 for size

+1 for bandwidth

+1 for weight

+1 for rounded corners


-1 for battery options (only one type)

-1 for battery life (8 hours in 10mW)

-1 for audio input level (not a huge deal on this one)

-1 for Bluetooth not being the long range (as MTP60)

-1 for coating surface (both 60, 61) - MTP40/41 was by far the best I have found




Still waiting for full digital family

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7 hours ago, Fred Salles said:

Oh It seems it cannot be used with the PHA60 for wireless boom! Major fallback. The MPT60+PHA60 set sounds very good and works very well but kind of heavy on the boom so we were hoping for the lighter version🙁


Personally speaking, I prefer something with double AA and longer battery life at 50mW for boom. 

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