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Sony URX-P03 receiver to SD 633 TA3


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I'm making cables to use Sony URX-P03 on channels 4-6 (TA3F) on the 633 mixer.  


The cable works, but the signal is so low.  I have Attenuation at 0 on the transmitter, and the output of the receiver up all the way at +12.  I know these 633 channels are all line level only, but does anyone know the pinouts for the Sony wireless?

Doesn't Sennheiser have line level on the ring and mic on the tip or something like that?  I can't find this info anywhere for Sony.


I did pin 1 to sleeve, pin 2 to tip and pin 3 to ring--is that the way to go?


Can anyone help me understand a solution?  Surely these Sony's can output a line level signal, can't they?

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I'd feed your Sony wireless into channels 1/2/3 so that you can use the mic preamps. Use your pro wireless with line level outputs for 4/5/6.

Thanks for the response @IronFilm. So by "pro" you mean higher end, like Lectro etc?


Do the Sony's just not have the ability to output line level?  Or could it be in my wiring?

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1 hour ago, kevcarlson said:

Thanks for the response @IronFilm. So by "pro" you mean higher end, like Lectro etc?


Yes, because basically all pro wireless offer line output. Be that Wisycom, Shure Axient Digital, Lectrosonics, or Sony DWX digital etc


I'd classify Sony UWP wireless (along with others, such as the Sennheiser G series or the Deity wireless) as prosumer grade. And in fact, I'd regard the Sony UWP-D21 as the very best prosumer wireless there is. 


1 hour ago, kevcarlson said:


Do the Sony's just not have the ability to output line level? 


I don't believe so. You could take the headphone output instead, and crank that up to the maximum, you'd get a bit more level out of it that way. 


But really, that's just suitable for scratch audio. That's why I say use inputs 1/2/3 instead. (or get a Sound Devices 833... which has limiters and preamps for all its inputs! Not just the first three like with 633, then has no limiters or mic preamp for the rest of them)

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6 hours ago, Mungo said:

Audio output is, as on all Sony receivers, mic level.

I just looked up the Sony DWR-S03D, thinking surely there is one Sony receiver which does line level output. 




Nope! Mic level. 


Curious. Ah well, it has AES instead! So not such a big deal it is missing Line Level.

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Official info is https://pro.sony/en_KM/products/uwp-d-series-receivers/urx-p03#ProductSpecificationsBlock-urx-p03

Analog Output Level-60dBV (at ±5kHz deviation)

Analog Output Adjust Range-12dB - +12dB (3dB step)

Headphone Outputφ3.5 mm ( 5/32 inch) stereo mini jack

Headphone Output LevelMax. 10mW (at 16ohm load)





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