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The Sound of Physical: 100


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Anyone see this new reality/competition show on Netflix? 1st episode they have 100 contestants in a room, everyone is miked up. I was wondering how they could coordinate so many frequencies and which wireless they were using. I also wondered how they were mixing, routing, and tracking everything and which lavs (the necklace mics) they were using.


Then in the first competition, it's 50 people at a time, hanging from a grid. Then they each fall into a pool. The mic gets wet but again I was wondering which transmitters they were using and how they were protecting them. Anyone have any info about the sound team and how they did what they did? They also have dozens if not more of go-pro's to sync as well as studio cameras.

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I've worked on Broadway-style shows and events with that many wirelesses: we had a wireless tech whose job was to monitor and coordinate all the freqs all the time--it's possible but very expensive.   There are lots of ways to waterproof TX, right?   Bags, boxes or WM style TX, with upside-down lav rigs using B6, among others?  All doable, but they must have a pretty big audio dept to make this much gear work.   It might be good to find out who is supplying the gear for this: when the show ends or is cancelled there might be a lot of used WM TX for sale!

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I was wondering the same thing when I watched it. I think they might be using more of a plant mic in general area and then maybe using a parabolic mic style? This is just a guess I’m interested to hear what everyone thinks. 

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