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Crews cut of Don Coufals class

old school

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Marydixie n I are shooting a comercial in Altadena today. our director did show up and unlike Jeff we are still are here and working. It's cool though, good people all around n we are having a lot of laugh's. I finally finished cutting Don Coufals boom class that I shot way back in Aug... I hope to have it posted on the 695 site very soon. Mucho good stuff Don spells out in his own style and I think new and old sound people can enjoy and learn from it. It's a bit over an hour long, but I still enjoy it even after cutting it, not always the case after working on a project. By the way, this is the most words Don has ever spoken at one time, a personal best so enjoy.


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Would there be a way to get this on a DVD or something?


The Education Committee of our Union, I.A. Local 695, is considering making DVDs of as many of the presentations and events that we are putting on. Since the whole education thing is still fairly new, we've only been at this for less than a year, we are still trying to figure a lot of things out. It is a lot of work putting these events on and then it is even more work (as Andy Rovins and Crew Chamberlain can confirm) to produce a good video presentation. It should be quite possible once finished video is available to post on the website that DVDs can be made as well. I will try and keep you all posted on this.

Regards, your host Jeff Wexler (and still co-chairman of the Education Committee)

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