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Problems with MKH8040 and Sennheiser Customer Service


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My new MKH8040 (serial no.: 1142022778)  has a problem with movements. Even with small movements or position changes, it produces occasional clunking noises. Not too loud but clearly audible in the headphones only.
I have sent it to Sennheiser Germany 2 times as a warranty claim and both times it was returned without repair saying "unit within specification". - I suspect they did not open it and they did not contact me before returning it.
As owner of several other MKH series microphones (MKH8050, MKH8060, MKH50) I know that the microphones are sensitive to wind and handling noise, but mechanically they are very solid.
Does anyone know the problem or has anyone experience escalating the concerns to Senneiser Customer Service?

Is there any way to repair the microphone or do I now have to sell the microphone on the second hand market to a victim and hope that it is only used statically?


How do you handle it when expensive gear just is not beaving "bulletproof" ?




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Some additional informations:

I have already replaced the preamplifier without success. So the fault is in the microphone module.

When moving/shaking, there is no acoustically perceptible noise from the naked ear just in the headphones.

I have described the whole situation again to the sennheiser customer service and asked what they suggest for a procedure.
Let's see what comes out.



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The story continues ...
After my complaint mail to Sennheiser, I received a phone call from the head of the SennheiserCustomerCare department.
He explained to me that Sennheiser has cancelled all repair centers worldwide and centralized them in Germany. All repair cases now go to Germany via UPS and are handled by technicians. However, these technicians will never contact customers directly for queries, this will again be done via the respective country representatives.
He admitted that the whole restructuring still has various problems and that diffuse problem cases (like mine) are poorly handled. He finally suggested to try again and call the defective microphone back to the Sennheiser repair center and examine it in more detail.
Now I'm already waiting 5 days for the UPS parcel carrier to pick it up from me - Sennheiser insists on this cumbersome shipping method.



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Well at least you're fairly nearby in Switzerland, Chris! Thanks for reporting that info - it's interesting to know.


I'm also quite surprised that your 'new' 8040 has a serial number approximately 300 million lower than mine bought shortly after they were introduced around fifteen years ago ... ?


Good luck, and please let us know how it is when it comes back.



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That's going to be a complete mess.  Sennheiser already did this in Canada last year, when they dismantled their Canadian service dept. and started sending everything to the USA in New Jersey.  I had two microphones that needed service, and it took several months for them to service them.  During that time they couldn't tell me where my microphones were, what was wrong with them, or whether they were fixable.  They wouldn't / couldn't quote me for any repairs, and they couldn't track what was happening beyond admitting the microphones were in their possession.  My supposed point of contact was in Canada, but it was nearly impossible to get hold of "Canadian" service, and when I did get hold of them, they didn't have any information (and, while they were apologetic, it was clear they were more frustrated than I was with the situation).


If Sennheiser has now dismantled their USA dept. as well, those problems are going to be duplicated on a massive scale.  Here's hoping I don't have to service any of my (many) Sennheiser or Neumann microphones during the next few years while they sort this out.

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Sennheiser was sold to holding company, Sonova, last year. Closing departments, reducing costs, laying people off are the typical sorts of things holding companies do when they take over a company. It's a sad state of affairs. When you hear about these sorts of acquisitions, things never, ever improve. They only go downhill.


As a person that evaluated two companies for acquisition, the first question my executive asked me was how many heads we could chop and which departments we could get rid of. Awful really.

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I have to say, not being able to have microphones serviced in a timely manner seriously reduces my willingness to purchase new microphones from them.  If I'm shelling out four figures for a microphone, I expect the company to stand behind it.  If I can't trust that I can keep the tools I use in working condition, I will use different tools.

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7 hours ago, Paul F said:

Correction - The Sennheiser Consumer division was sold to Sonova. The article I read had a headline that read like the entire company was sold to Sonova.

Yeah, afaik they split the company in two, one part they sold, the other- the pro gear - is staying in the family. A move i truly don’t understand, I always imagined Sennheiser was profitable, but I guess I was wrong. I think Schoeps also does all repairs in-house, and while that may not be ideal with the shipping and all, it hasn’t tanked the company. If Sennheiser can get their act together on this it may work out in the end. 

And while Sonova is holding company, that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It’s just the umbrella under which they hold a few companies, like Phonak. They mostl produce hearing aids so this may be a good fit. And they took in 600 Sennheiser employees…

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Sad for Sennheiser!


Probably won't help but maybe sending a link to the customer service person of a video clip with matched sound of the handling noise issue will help your outcome?  Also include a YouTube link on a piece of paper taped to the mic so the tech can clearly see/replicate the problem.


Also including an Air Tag or Tile with your shipment my alleviate some frustration with tracking your mic's location since that way maybe you can do you own tracking.  Just make sure your tracker gets back to you with your mic.

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Happy end of a long story.
The 8040 came back from Sennheiser today and a first short test is promising that the problem is definitely solved.
The note the on the delivery bill reads:

- circuit board glued in capsule housing

I am glad that this story has found a happy ending, but still a bitter aftertaste remains.
I had to send it in 3 times and complain to the department manager about the insufficient repair bevore they really took a deep look at it.
 @sonyslave : i send in a USB-Stick with Audio examples and a detailed text-description to reproduce the problem but suspect that they did not take the time to listen to soundfiles maybe not even read notes ...



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