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Free VST AI Noise removal Plugin - kinda useful

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Hi y'all! 
So I left the movies for radio, but still I keep using wireless mics and recording stuff outside, as if it were a movie shoot (but without the cameras). And in post, I still use the same tricks. However, I stumbled upon this little plugin called Goyo, which is a noise and reverb reducing plugin using AI in some sense. GOYO Voice Separator | De-noise, De-Reverb, De-Voice - All in One Plugin

Quick review: 

It does what it says. I hear artifacts if I crank it hard enough. It's great to be able to just turn the BG down a tad, and then I can hardly hear the artifacts. Especially not if I'm imagining sitting in a car or listening in headphones on the subway, or on my kitchen table radio. I've found it to be super quick and very easy to use. It's free, as of now. I have it in a big mixing project now, using maybe four instances and the CPU performance is not affected much. 

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Actually Goyo worked relatively good on narration test files I created. It eliminated white noise almost completely. . as good or better than my other din type noise reduction tools.
Eliminating room ambiance (early reflections reverb) was not as good, and generated a slight flange type effect. but certainly could be usable on some projects. I can post the files somewhere if anyone is interested.

I usually use SpectraLayers Pro. iZ's RX Advanced would work good as well, but neither are far from free.

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Ok so it's not free, it's actually in Beta. I received an email yesterday saying that beta testers get a hefty discount for when the product is released. I imagine from release the data model will be better and give less artifacts and be even more optimized. 

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On 8/31/2023 at 3:02 AM, Olle Sjostrom said:

I imagine from release the data model will be better and give less artifacts and be even more optimized. 


Hopefully it'll get even better! I've been playing with it since they first put it out. Used it in post for a verité doc with someone else's hairy location sound (here it is if you're interested — fully foley'd)! I'm quite impressed with GOYO's performance! It's far from flawless, but it seems to go a little further than other de-noiser's before artifacts... Definitely saved me a couple hours in RX! Not quite CEDAR, not as precise as RX, but still pretty exciting (or unnerving?)!

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