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  1. Ritter is closed for good unfortunately.
  2. Toddsound

    Camera Hops

    Types of jobs you do:Mostly Multi-camera interview/ Documentary/ Sports Features/ News Magazine/ Some Network News Camera audio will be final or reference: Camera just reference. I use LR on camera Mono/Stereo hop: Mono 95% of the time Most common cameras you work with: Amira/ Alexa Mini/ Sony F55/ C-300 TC needs: Use Betso TCX-2 on every camera
  3. When I had any issue with a Betso product I sent it to Gotham in NY and it was sent with a batch of other folks stuff. Was surprised quickly they came back to me.
  4. thanks for posting this Jeff. Really enjoyed it.
  5. I just got an email from Gotham Sound announcing the SMWB and its sister the SMDWB wide band transmitters and recorders. Curious to see how they are in the real world.
  6. I am so happy you got almost all of it back. It is devastating to have anything stolen, especially of it is how you make your living. Congrats.
  7. Pindrop, very nice solution. After a nightmare ENG job running around with shark fins in my bag, I went with the Lectro SNA600's and never looked back. I use the PSC RF Multi SMA with my RX and will try your method of mounting the antennas. Thanks to all of the folks on this forum that help share their creative ideas. I really enjoy learning new tricks. Todd
  8. Honestly most people who are not sound people have no idea what audio gear we use. I have interviewed him a few times. Very nice guy. Don't worry about what others think. As long as you use what you have to get good clean sound, that's all that matters. Just don't lowball your price because that hurts all of us in the end. Best of luck with your shoot.
  9. I use a flyfishing rod case that is just a fancy pvc tube with a zippered end to travel my boom poles. I always get comments from other fishermen about what I have in the case. I never carry on my gear, just my batteries and a very basic kit as a back up in case the 1650 case doesn't make the flight.
  10. Just wondering what everyones experience is with Production Hub in finding jobs/ getting calls. Has it been worth it to pay for being featured instead of the free listings?
  11. He was an activist for children and the environment. He made a big difference around NY and the Hudson River. A man that truly made a difference with his life and music. He never liked for the audience to be quiet. He wanted them all to sing along! RIP Pete
  12. Damn, big fan of his work.. very sad news guys. RIP
  13. I own an MKH70 and use it in certain special situations. When a camera person insists on shooting everything wide. I also sometimes use it on sports shoots where we aren't allowed to mic players. It just gives that little bit of extra reach I need to get usable sound. Have used it on both MLB and PGA shoot with success. I would always like to have it available for use on a job, just in case.
  14. I was recently asked by a cameraman to take his lights and my audio to an NFL training camp to do interviews. The producer was given a camera and was going to shoot the interview with ESPN's camera. Awful. I don't really want to participate in the collapse of an industry. Sadly, I think we are going to see more and more of this type of scenario. I saw an guy in the World Series of baseball last year interviewing players with an iPad....Cameraguys were telling him to "get that thing out of the shot." He was holding it about 5 inches from the players face. Ughh.
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