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  1. zerascal

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    Zaxcom maxx can do that without problem: iso untouched+ recording stereo out changing width with mid fader
  2. Hello, Did anyone had a chance to try the new KSHRN3S – Stingray Harness Small and to compare it with the regular one? I'm 1.75 meter , middle weight (70kg) and wonder which one to take? I saw the difference between them are the shorter exosqueleton and smaller shoulder straps. Cheers
  3. Nice takes Jason I really like my AT BP4029 MS too, it's a great MS mic for an awesome price. I use it on doco & run and gun
  4. zerascal

    Does my Zax-Maxx record in encoded M/S stereo??

    yes you're right, thanks.
  5. zerascal

    Does my Zax-Maxx record in encoded M/S stereo??

    Yep Martin, all that could and should be done in post, you just need to record Mid on card 1 and Side on card 2. The method I described with OUT1&2 is to deliver a stereo mix (if no post for example) that couldn't be change or adjust later. Indeed SD has a setting for doing that.
  6. zerascal

    Does my Zax-Maxx record in encoded M/S stereo??

    What martin wrote for listenining encoded MS, plus make the same on Main OUT 1&2 matrix: mic1 (mid) mic2(side) to OUT1 mic1 and mic2 (phase reversed) to OUT2 and then record card3=OUT1 and card4=OUT2 to record decoded MS stereo signal. So you'll have encoded MS on card 1&2 (mid on1 and side on2) and decoded stereo signal on card 3&4
  7. zerascal

    Maxx+Nomad users: question re notch filer

    Indeed!!! Thx jack
  8. zerascal

    Maxx+Nomad users: question re notch filer

    it was a no post project and as long as have a notch option, make it useable
  9. zerascal

    Maxx+Nomad users: question re notch filer

    I hadato rip off a 8000hz lightning hiss today and it was a pita with my maxx, much too long when director went to shoot itw on the fly... A good option would be to have the possibility to enter a frequency around suspect noise with keyboard and then affinate properly with dial, or another key to allow 100hz move, just sayin...
  10. zerascal

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Are you sure your player was not in 44.1khz (and has read your audio in 44.1 kHz instead 48 kHz) ?
  11. zerascal

    New Digital Radio from Audio Limited

    Wisicom has already dual mono slot in receiver for Sony camera
  12. zerascal

    New Zaxcom Products announced!

    +1 Jack
  13. zerascal

    New Zaxcom Products announced!

    hi Rado, What are your griefs with Zaxcom analog inputs?
  14. zerascal

    Rycote Super Softie for MKH50 and CMC641

    For indoor, super softie works fine and is more transparent than old softie but outdoor With wind prefer your old softie or much better the ktek furry which doesn't have a nasty Rubber on the bottom (real pain for Rain drops!)