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  1. lestevennok

    Wireless Frequencies France

    Hi, Here are the frequencies that you can use in France without any authorization (lower than 50mW): 174/233 MHz 470/694 Mhz (to share with TNT, digital terrestrial television) 823/832 MHz 1785/1805 And wifi ba'd You can use the website http://www.scanzone.fr/ to find out which frequencies is available depending on where are you in France.
  2. lestevennok

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    Yes it was the 8 of February... I have still one of their machine and still using it. I use it on the field and as a preamplifier in studio... Work well but the os in the machine is not very simple and obvious in the beginning!
  3. lestevennok

    Cable Testers - Any recommendations?

    I use the behringer CT100. Work well !
  4. lestevennok

    Sennheiser AVX (with sound clips)

    Thanks for your answers guys ! I will try it...
  5. lestevennok

    Sennheiser AVX (with sound clips)

    Hi folks, According to Sennheiser, we can use 12 AVX systems in Europe and 8 in USA, why ? I don't know... if you have an idea... I've seen that on these videos, they are very informative : (especially the third episode) Thanks again ninjafreddan for your report. I calculate the delay between these 2 files 02_DPA_4017B-664-AVX-PURE2.wav and 01_DPA_4017B-664-PURE2.wav and I found 46 samples - less than 1ms, not close at all to 19ms said by Sennheiser. Were these files in sync ? Ninjafreddan, how many avx systems are you using at the same time ? Are you still happy to use them on the field ? Most of the time with MK2 or other lavalier microphone ? Do you use them for hops too ? One battery is enough for one day of working ? Lots of questions and thanks for your answers
  6. lestevennok

    Sennheiser AVX 1.9 GHz wireless system

    Hi, I've just been talking with someone from Sennheiser about AVX. For the phantom power, it's just for putting the avx on/off with the sound device or the camcorder. It's not using P48 as a battery... just for saving the internal battery ! You can use same microphone that you are using with Sennheiser G3 (for example : Tram or COS11 with minijack). You can use it as a mono wireless hop (with 19ms latency), someone make a real test ? is the latency disturbing ? He said too to be aware of wifi around, for 2 and 3 avx systems, it's not a problem but for 15 avx systems + wifi around, not sure it will work...
  7. lestevennok

    Frequency Finder for UK ?

    Whaou, nice job, thanks !
  8. lestevennok

    Frequency Finder for UK ?

    Hi folks, First post here (so be nice:) I'm going to shot in Cornwall and I am looking for an app, documents, website or something else to know which frequencies are available for working with G3 system (like frequency finder by Sennheiser but it only works for Netherlands and Belgium) I did some research on this forum but I didn't find anything for UK... Any idea ? Thanks !