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  1. I agree about the bg music, but I don’t believe there would be any artifacts as it’s 100% digital. I got to demo an Axient rack system a couple weeks back and the range does seem to be unmatched (especially based and at such low RF power settings). They have the tiny internal antenna’d transmitters, they just need to figure out a bag sized receiver. And if they can somehow get their 2.4ghz Showlink remote control tx integrated, it would be a welcome disruption.
  2. Any update on the RX8 release?
  3. Hi Larry, I have found myself wiring some Shure 184's for Lectrosonics TA5. Can you clarify if when you suggested running the black AUDIO wire to pin 1/Ground without the resistor, you mean **instead** of going to Pin 5 at all? Or... Black wire to Pin 5 + Ground? Thanks! -Jim
  4. I experienced similar issues using that same exact setup (SNA600a's/PSC Multi/SRc's&Srb). I brought it up recently on one of the sound facebook groups and it was interesting to see many other mixers say they also witnessed the same issues (taking hits) and many of them had abandoned that rig all together for bag use. I too have since abandoned it. The dipoles do offer more gain (you can see it in the scans - compared to whips) and I believe that gain is overloading the receivers front end? It can't help to be running a hop transmitter less than 12" away either (and most of us are in a bag rig). That said... the dipoles do out perform the whips by almost double the distance (according to my field test) however the unfortunate trade-off is that they don't do well at close range (approx less than 50'). Perhaps Lectrosonics might design a SNA600B (B for "bag", optimized with an attenuator and/or PSC could offer some adjustable band pass filtering/attenuation) until then I'm sticking with whips in my bag. PS I considered trying 1 Dipole & 1 Whip, for 'best of both worlds' but as the OP pointed out: the RF signal isn't dropping when these hits/dropouts happen - so I believe diversity-wise, the RX would still choose the channel with the most gain. Too afraid to find out though ;)
  5. Good news for the B1 folks... I just received a UPS notification that my SRc-B1 now has the new rev board in it and it's on route to me 👍
  6. Do you know if your unit received the new PCB?
  7. I sent my SRc-B1 back to Lectrosonics late Nov 2017. Here's the latest update from Lectro (last week): "I didn’t see the post (*referring to this JW thread*), but it is at least partially right. We were applying a component update to correct the range issues with SRC, however during that time, our engineering dept was working to have a new pcb made which would implement the update as well as other improvements they wanted to incorporate to better its performance. The boards are close to being ready, but it could be awhile before we have boards available for the units I currently have in-house to receive the update. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but I don’t have a firm ETA from engineering yet. I know they are still in the testing process. If you’d like, I can return your receiver, or we can continue to hang on to it to wait for the new pcb." I'm happy to leave it there until it's figured out.
  8. "You Don't Know How It Feels" was one of my favorite songs to reference an unfamiliar PA system. You can almost mix the song with a graphic EQ. Timeless music - never sounded dated to me.
  9. Thanks Jan for the info. I'm still curious regarding the ID of the receivers... Where can I enjoy this telemetry information? Via a TCX-2 in transmitter mode? Or using different model Betso products/software?
  10. The video isn't showcasing RF interference. It's showing how these units react if/when another TCX-2 transmitter (assigned to the same channel) comes within range (spoiler: nothing happens, until the first tx goes out of range - then the other takes over - but again this is a short unscientific test). These units can be named with 20 different ID numbers, but I'm not sure what the intended purpose is of that is. Perhaps there is software coming? Probably a question for Betso.
  11. Here's my latest bag... Singray JR, 633, SRb w/2x smqv, SRc w/2x LT, 2x smqv as cam hops to another SRb. Audioroot BDS. Ruggard lens pouch for lavs, tackle box for bits/concealments.
  12. ^ I remember the day I thought of this reverse over cover idea (not RM, but moleskin blanket/topstick) and yes it is a substantial trick to have in the bag.
  13. Mind if I wake this thread up? I've been working with a C300 outfitted with a Teradek Bolt 600 for the past 2 weeks and I'm getting very limited range and occasional RF hits with my Lectrosonics wireless (SMQV/LT with SRc&SRb) in BLK 21... Even standing 12 feet away in the same room. Scans looked clean / and I'm using a frequency coordinating app. Was anything ever rectified from Teradek as far as the 500MHz RF spill? Any tricks or ideas for me using blk 21 channels with a Bolt 600 nearby?
  14. Hi Tom, Curious what firmware you're operating on with your 6-series recorders. SD fixed the following bug in their 1.04 firmware release (Jan 2015) USB port is now reset when the 633 detects an unresponsive keyboard. Sounds similar to your symptoms. That was something I encountered a while back myself. SD made further improvements to the USB Keyboard functionality in 2.11 (Feb 2016) Keyboard sequence involving Shift key would sometimes repeat the same character as if the key was being held down. Best, -Jim
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