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  1. Forgot to mention the rogers "like many other digital systems" sounds great 100% all the way to cutting out. With analog invisity there has been a lot of noises and buzzes. Roger does not have that.
  2. After some rumors about electronics availability phonak finally and officially confirmed that PHONAK INVISITY is discontinued. I was in the market for earpieces and have used invisity many times but was presented with a dilemma: Should I buy a discontinued product or venture in to the Rogers 2.4gHz. I have had enough experience with Zaxnet to know how 2.4gHz behaves and what the limitations are. Gene from AudioDept let me borrow a roger system so I can test for my self. Here are my findings: Range. Off course the range out of the box is not great. Rogers glue a small antenna and the first step is to carefully remove it and free the SMA port for better antennas and amps. Just putting a larger antenna improves the range. 2.4gHz works like a wifi router. It has difficulty going through walls but reflects very good in one open space. The range is very manageable even without an Amp but there are rules to be followed. Some users have reported that they remote the antenna closer to the earpieces. This is not a good practice for 2.4gHz. Cable loss at that frequency is a lot and will make the system unusable. Even with an RG8 cable you loose 22dB every 100 feet which is a lot. I added the L-Com 1W amp and corner antenna " my cart zaxnet setup" and the range increased 20 times. With the setup installed inside my old metal office I was able to go outside the parking lot walking around and getting in the buildings next to me. even going behind the corner antenna gave me clean signal but it did not go as far. So why did I decide to buy the roger 2,4gHz apart from invisity being discontinued? The sound! It sounds a lot better and It is a lot louder then invisity! Rogers "like many other digital systems" sounds great 100% all the way to cutting out. With analog invisity there has been a lot of noises and buzzes. Roger does not have that.Every time i used the comtek system talents asked me for more volume. And I have always feared that I will blow a receiver while increasing the level. It was constant pressure and fear. The rogers is loud and clear. I actually had to turn it way down because it was loud. You can not change the volume on the earpiece like invisity but I honestly has never been asked to turn it down for anybody. Another reason I got the rogers is that while the transmitter is not small it works on 5v battery and can totally be used in a bag if I have to. I want to try the repeater for that. I was told the repeater helps a lot with range in random environments. The build quality/plastic seams better with the rogers. I like how they tune remotely to the base station and no need for "Oven Baking" to change frequency but I don’t like is the random frequency selection. There is no control. I wish I had the control to keep the frequency above 2.470 to be absolutely clear of interference "apart from zaxnet which goes up to 2.475". With Zaxnet I only use 2.475 and have never had issues "other then the physicals limitation of 2.4gHz signal. Also I need more information about the "adaptive frequency hopping" How does it work? If I have to get closer to the base station to change the frequency how would the "adaptive frequency hopping" work when the earpiece is away? Does it program a few freqs and hops them in real time? I will contact Roger and get that information. But they should really improve on that. In conclusion If you know how to manage a 2.4gHz signal the rogers is a no brainier. Its louder by a lot! It sounds better. Being one piece it looks and seams sturdier and stronger. But most importantly it is not being discontinued like invisity and can serve me well for many years in the future. _____________________________________________________________________ Rado Stefanov | Las Vegas Sound Supervisor | Insert other media
  3. For the last week I have been only working the second and fourth frequency on both modules. I don’t see a significant difference between single and dual mode. I can with confidence say that all things being equal single and dual mode is basically the same.
  4. Something is wrong with your setup. I and others use Comtek along side 1W amp and zaxnet all the time. No problems whatsoever
  5. I am about to modify nova to make it a little smaller and compact by replacing the ears with a small handle.
  6. You have to calculate the AD/DA on the transmitter and AD/DA on the receiver and AD on the recorder conversion delay of lectrosonics and adjust accordingly. Zaxcom does AD and maybe SNR only. Everything after the lav stays in digital domain!
  7. Can you screen shot with channels and mic running in?
  8. How much does it draw? Audioroot distro should have a value.
  9. Erx has never been a 2 channel “stereo” it hs 1 audio channel and 1 timecode channel.
  10. 1 Yes big improvement over nomad 2 no limitation. 2.4gHz has physical limitations. As long as you know how it works you are fine. I wish there was 3.5 for size. Maybe I can put one.
  11. Leading car. I never drop a bag in a car. No need with Zaxcom.
  12. I am doing some driving scenes with whips and the transmitter is in the driver’s pocket. Clean reception. Unreal.
  13. Totally agree! even RX4 with 1 slot is what I have been asking for for a while.
  14. If anything you have less chance of a failure with OneUnit design. I have been using it for years and the simplicity and internal connections makes it a lot more reliable. The wireless is so simplified since it does not need more then half of the crap for control screen and additional filters. The diagnosis of the Nova is so advanced I have full confidence in it. And at the end of the day if my nova spontaneously combust I just use an it’s for monitoring which my director producers already listen on. Same sound at the end of day. Minor inconvenience.
  15. This bag is way heavier then 6.6 pounds. Your math is wrong. In the United States if you break your back your bank is broken and you file bankruptcy. My best friend “even with great insurance” just filed for bankruptcy from back surgeries.
  16. Every zaxcom device ever has had great micpres. Not to mention the unmatched "other then sonosax" 137dB dynamic range. Noise is extremely low. You can listen to it. I don't use analog mic pres. I made a choice to use wireless all the time and it really helps.
  17. Zaxcom have extremely quiet everything. I did not think that self noise is an issue in 2019.
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