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  1. I have a strong feeling there is a lot about cameras and electronics that eludes you. If you would like to make such a device I'm sure you will find a market for it.
  2. First quarter as in anytime between January 1 to March 31.
  3. I just got two of these in. Did you guys just hook it up to one of the Switchcraft connectors on your BDS or did you use the LEMO connector?
  4. RB, out of curiosity, do you ever find that cart to be top heavy or is it balanced pretty well?
  5. I've mixed indie features with a lot smaller budgets than $200-$300k and been paid darn near full rate. The reason being was that the producers and directors knew they couldn't skimp on some key things, like sound, camera, lighting, etc. Actors for indie movies are dirt cheap. It's easier to come by a good, cheap actor than it is a good, cheap sound mixer with all the appropriate gear.
  6. There was a time when I would be nice and polite to the producers offering insanely low wages. I would, very politely, let them know the rate was not something I could work with. However, I am not so nice any more. I have been chewing out low-ball producers more and more for their stupidity and lack of common sense.
  7. There damn well is some sort of production company involved! Who the hell edits the video and puts together the show for Animal Planet? Animal Planet may be doing it in house or the non-profit may be putting it together but sure as shit someone is making a bunch of money off it. Yes, many of us do volunteer our time on various projects either related to our careers or not. However, whomever takes on this gig must be painfully aware they could be injured or killed in the process of volunteering and they may have mountains of medical bills to cover. Or, they may be absolutely fine. It's silly to say there is no production company involved. It may not be a third party production company but someone is organizing the crew, handling tape shipments, editorial, and production logistics. Someone IS making money off this show. Animal Planet sure isn't doing it out of the goodness of their heart. They sell ad space. Lots and lots of ad space. There are any number of very valid reasons why someone will take on the gig. And, I'm sure they will do just fine.
  8. I had a Rock'NRoller cart for a while and found some good and bad things about it. It was fairly compact and light weight when fully folded up. However, it felt a little flimsy under a full load. They are much cheaper than a Magliner but, as always, you get what you pay for. I had the extended top shelf on mine. The cart wasn't long in enough in the shorter mode to fit a Pelican 1650 case laying down and it was far too long fully extended to be manageable. I also felt the caster wheels were a tad bit weak with a full load, however, that being said, none of them broke. Probably me just being paranoid. I've known guys who have owned them for years and loved them. For me, I got rid of mine after less than a year in favor of a Magliner.
  9. While I firmly believe in the cause of stopping whaling I also firmly believe in paying my bills so I don't become homeless. Their organization is not-for-profit but that doesn't mean they can take advantage of the crew, put them in extremely dangerous conditions, and reap the benefits of your hard work (they are working extremely hard as well). The previous producer was injured (may have been on the ship, may not have been) and, as in normal, next in line for the abuse at the lowest rate possible gets the gig! I wonder if that producer had health insurance to cover part of his expenses? And for any bills not covered by insurance is he/she up shit creek? They certainly weren't being paid enough to cover their share of those bills.
  10. I tried the WristPC with both a CL2 hooked to a 744 and directly to a 788. It doesn't work with either.
  11. Manufacturing and materials costs rise over time. Labor rates increase at the manufacturing level. Shipping costs increase. A lot of expenses increase which is why the purchase price must increase at some point. This stuff is business 101.
  12. If you have proper physical spacing, block separation, and frequency coordination you shouldn't have these problems.
  13. This posting wants a lot of gear and your day for only $600. They refuse to pay overtime and refuse to say how long the shoot will last. Avoid these guys: T Group Productions. http://realitystaff.com/pages/view/View-Job/component/ViewJob/id/25513
  14. I have iOS 6 on a iPhone 5 and I was successfully purchased the TV add on.
  15. Where are you located? In the US federal law mandates food breaks every 6 hours at the most. No exceptions.
  16. Bananas and Coke/Pepsi aren't even remotely close in regards to what kinds of sugars they contain.
  17. Eating right and exercise is hugely important for everyone! My wife is a Pilates instructor so I had to put some emphasis on that. Personally, I lift weights 5 times per week and do cardio 4 times per week. The weights typically are for chest, arms, and back the cardio is frequently the elliptical machine. I need to swim more. The show I've been on since February is in a car garage and the crew has a bit of a prison workout routine going on. 20 push-ups every hour and I picked up a cheap weight set off Craigslist. For me I had to find things I could do anywhere. Jumping jacks, running/jogging/walking everywhere. You know all those pesky, heavy sound bags and Pelican cases? They make great weights as well. Crunches are also an easy, excellent thing to do anywhere. Grab a sound/packing blanket for a pad and do 20-30 at a shot. Sand bags are another great on-set tool for lifting weights.
  18. The frame rate you set your 702t to does matter even though they may be using a 5D. The footage still gets dropped in to a timeline with a specified frame rate and if your audio has accurate timecode it helps tremendously. The timecode slate is even more important on reality shows where there is no traditional Scene and Take numbers. The editors must have sync reference; timecode is king, a clap slate is great, and PluralEyes is somewhat useful on reality shows. As a sound mixer you absolutely need to know about frame rates for both your gear and how the cameras handle frame rates and timecode.
  19. Hint: that would teach her all she needs to know about DVD players, CD players, projectors, and crappy PA systems. It wouldn't teach her much, if anything, about film and TV production.
  20. Ha! Unfortunately, it isn't my corvette. It is for the Discovery show I am am working in. It's a very rare 1963 Corvette that is in very good shape. It's about to be completely restored. I am more of a motorcycle guy myself.
  21. Also, total cost for my Magliner bag cart was about $350 or $400.
  22. Here are a few photos of the bag cart I put together: The casters on the bottom are mounted on a Magliner nose plate turned up side down. The handle was chopped to allow easy access to knobs and faders at the top of the bag. A boom pole holder is on the left side and an antenna mast on the right (not in these photos, however). The basket at the bottom is useful to toss in various items. The hook on the back is great for cables, headphones, etc. There was a cup holder at one point but I have taken it off to modify it and have not reattached it yet. The tires are solid foam so I don't have to worry about flats. The front casters are medical type wheels and roll silently.
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