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  1. I'm still using the solice mini OSA sold me up here in Canada! It has a fine life on a rastorder cart teathered to a 664 and works great in that setup. Codyman! Turn arounds on your DB25's are no problem at all. They shouldn't affect the signal. Power wise, if you're using the BDS on a cart I'd just get a custom cable made up. It's a simple job and if your looking at Remote Audio then I'm sure Trew Audio or any other sound spots near you can make one up. You could also buy the remote audio one you mentioned and just add another length of 4pin power male/female between.
  2. Also a R4+ user here. Pretty sure it is firmware difference between the versions.
  3. I use the A10's as well and in my experience they definitely benefit from using an external antenna. I use sharkfins and the difference is very clear. I haven't done any tests with my smaller dipoles but in my very unscientific but experience based hunch... they will help you yes. Also if you can afford the antenna splitter it's a tool that will always benefit you. Being able to setup a powered antenna 100 feet away to feed all your receivers can make your life much easier in tricky setups or in times of pandemic where you can't be in the same room etc. etc.
  4. I see, I see. Any of the products made by PSC or Audio Wireless are professional quality and will work for you. These guys also make quality splitters: https://www.gothamsound.com/product/62-dual-channel-active-antenna-splitter
  5. This works well, coupled with whatever antennas you want. Small dipole's for the bag, shark fins for the cart. https://professionalsound.com/specs/six_pack.html
  6. Depending on how much equipment you need, sound mixer Daniel Chu Owen lives in Nairobi and owns his own kit. Unsure if he normally rents it out but it's an option if you're stuck or need backups while there. He's a good friend of mine from when we both lived and worked in the UK. A good man and actually first taught me location sound recording!!
  7. Just curious if the camera department was using wireless headsets when you were experiencing the interference? We're using an identical setup here and had some terrible howling interference from the ClearCom headsets the camera department was using. If the director was near the DP's in video village it was terrible. Haven't heard interference that bad in many years of using the setup, but hey always something new to tackle!
  8. I was also down there using Block 21 without any problems. Cameraman I was with also more or less forced to pay bribes after minor problem with carnet... Seems to be the norm with the customs gang there.
  9. I can highly recommend Daniel Chu Owen ! He is an experienced sound recordist and boom op. He was my first mentor in the world of sound recording and relocated from the UK to Nairobi a couple years ago. danielchuowen@gmail.com
  10. Hey Jurg, nice to see the R4+ being used out in the wild. I've been interested in the machine as well. I live in Toronto here so one of my main questions was how using the touch screen would fair in extreme cold and snow and operating it wearing gloves. Any issues with it on your job in the snowy Alps?
  11. Ive got 4 LR-400's I use in addition to Comteks when I need some unexpected extras. I find the sound quality to be a little worse than the Comteks in this setup, but good enough for reference and I've never had any complaints or comments about them. Bought them 2nd hand on Ebay as an experiment really and no complaints so far considering the price.
  12. RIchard, the SX-AD8 which is a modular attachment to this, is what you're describing I think. Add's 8 mic pre's and faders.
  13. Hi guys, just checking to see if by some stroke of luck there happen to be any boom op's living in Sault Saint Marie , Ontario on here. Looking for someone to help on an indie feature shooting in October.
  14. Looking for a sound mixer based in Vancouver to cover for myself on a two or three day doc style shoot, tentatively in early August. The other crew are flying in from Toronto. Should be fairly straight forward, for past jobs we've been following a few chef's on their day to day tasks as well as some interview-ey type stuff. Best of all the camera man and director are great people and very easy going. Fun will be had. Let me know and I'll pass on your info! Neil McIntyre - neil.mcint AT gmail DOT com
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