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  1. bmjord

    Parenting, childcare and the freelance lifestyle

    I have a one year old now. My wife is full time. We were lucky enough to have a family member that can work as a nanny 3 days a week(or more sometimes). The nanny usually works Wednesday- Friday for consistency of schedule. If I get a call for a Monday or Tuesday job, I can usually switch one of the other days. If there is a busy week the nanny is usually available to work extra days but not always. Sometimes the logistics of coordinating my wife's works schedule(she travels occasionally) my potential schedule and the hours we need child care get a bit crazy. It definitely results in me turning down work. At 3 days a week for baby care just one normal day(full rate) of work covers that cost. The working less as a freelancer is tough. It is not just the money, I spent a lot of time and energy to become a working sound mixer. Saying no to work is not that easy. I worked 30 less days last year then I did in 2015. But the being home with my son is far better than listening to a barking AD all day. The best sound in the world is your child laughing. Enjoy the moments, long days short years. Brian
  2. bmjord

    Schoeps CMC4 to 48 volt phantom upgrade service

    I had one upgraded in April. It works and sounds great.
  3. bmjord

    Protective sleeves for NP1 batteries

    "Does anyone know of a protective sleeve that the NP1 will slip into?" http://www.versa-flex.com/audiogear/np1batteryholder.html Brian
  4. bmjord

    Rolling case dilemma...

    I have worked with a couple of mixers that have used a Fiber Case salesmen case, Drawer case. They work fairly well for caring lots of gear. We had one rigged with hooks on the back to attach to a Magliner. We used that as a follow cart for a whole season on a television show. When we were in a location that was space limited we were able to lift it off the Magliner and bring in just about everything we needed. http://www.fibrecase.com/salesmancases.html Brian
  5. bmjord

    My Sound Devices 633 Review

    My 633 has given me "I/O" errors for my CF card several times now on several gigs. I am using approved media. Delkin CF700X. When it happens, it gives me the error, asks me to select "ok" and then stops recording on the CF card. Each time this has happened the SD card has continued to record - thankfully! I have used several CF cards (both approved and unapproved) and it happened to both. Today I was only recording 5 tracks (poly) and it happened. The first time this happened, the CF slot unnested and didn't recognize ANY CF card until I hard rebooted the machine. Me too. I got the 633 on Wednesday. I have used it on three jobs. Mostly just 2 tracks. I got CF I/O errors every day. I have been using the approved Delkin media that came with the kit. I have not had a chance to use other approved media. The SD card has been fine. I have been able to copy to non approved media SD to CF with out any issues. Brian
  6. bmjord

    forced call

    In NY/Philadelphia (IA #52) the rule is 9 hour turnaround unless the day goes over 14 from call time, including lunch (and second meal). Then turnaround becomes 10 hours. Unless it has changed the rule of forced call was starting the day at time and a half and staying that way until the crew has a proper rest period. I can not remember every getting a forced call but plenty of 10 hours turnarounds. When working local drive time is not part of the turnaround number. I think the camera union only stays on a forced call until they reach what should be there turnaround time. Which makes for some tired and grumpy AC's. I worked on a show a couple of years ago where the lead actor was in every scene. We almost always got a 12 hour turnaround because of the actor turnaround, but 15-16 hours shooting days. So every week ended watching the sun rise Saturday mourning and every week started watching the sun rise with a nice early call time. Brian
  7. I worked with a camera op a few years ago that worked on one of the early seasons. He told me that a lot of unsafe things happened and he never felt safe. Just read this today. A US court declaring Sea Shepherd as Pirates and to stop anti-whaling activity. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/02/26/sea-shepherd-whaling-protesters-ruled-pirates/1949659/ Here is some video of the boats crashing. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10867863 I am not sure you could pay me enough to put my life in the hands of under trained fanatics. Even if I do believe in the cause. Brian
  8. bmjord

    transcription protocol

    I have aslo had mixed results using a zoom recorder for transcription with time code. just convert your wav files (recorded with camera code, via cable or Lockit) to MP3. [/CODE] What are you using to convert that preserves the time code. I know that BWF Widget does it on PCs. but im not sure if something that works for MAC has popped up yet. Brian
  9. bmjord

    Boompole length preference

    If your working as a boom op or utility on movies and television and ust buying one pole I would go with the 202. You will need the length I own a 152 thats at least 7 or 8 years. 95 percent of the time the 152 is the perfect size. I got the 152CC and then bought the right angle piece separate so I could keep the pole a little shorter for traveling. Brian
  10. bmjord

    lav rustling noise

    I have used both stick it dots and super stick it dots both on the skin and on clothing. They are also the perfect size to be used on the Rycote stickies. http://www.filmtools...ck-it-dots.html
  11. bmjord

    Quote of the Day

    A couple of my favorites "To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." Homer S. "Are you gonna release the Hounds, or the Bees, or the hounds with bees in their mouths so everytime they bark at you they shoot bees at you? Go ahead, do your worst. " Homer S. "You're gonna need a bigger boat" Brody
  12. bmjord

    Coping skills.

    My first day on set was as a intern with the locations department. I got to stand on a stage with a full orchestra playing while being filmed for a IMAX film. I still talk about that as being one of my favorite moments working. There have been so many more since then. I have also ( when I was a production assistant) worked 24 hours straight and just finished a movie that might have had the worst scheduling in my almost 20 years in the industry. Three weeks of nights on a stage, shooting 14 to 16 hours a day. There will be great moments and some really crappy ones. Like others mentioned you have to love what you are doing. Then you can deal with all of the other crap that goes along with what we do. Brian
  13. bmjord

    Half day rate

    I always say to someone asking for a half day, "if you can find me another half day job then I can do it" that usually gets the point across that there is really no such thing as a half day job. Or I tell them that I am going to take another half day job, and have to leave their job at a specific time.
  14. bmjord

    Any news from the sound devices other then new Pix?

    Its kind of disappointed that a company named Sound Devices only has new video devices. Yep I'm board as well.