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  1. Hey all, I just thought I'd chime in here (after an extended absence from the forum)... apparently, there are some airlines who won't allow LiIon batteries of any kind - period. I'm running into this with Volaris in Mexico right now. I'm glad I took the time to call ahead - I assumed I could do just as I've done dozens of times in the past - carry on: one connected to equipment, the rest with taped terminals, < 100Wh, in some cases they seem to prefer the batteries are discharged. Volaris says no way - regardless. So now, I'm having to ship the batteries (go figure) by FedEx through their Dangerous Goods Department - either "connected to equipment" or stored with equipment - up to 2 spares. Loose batteries by themselves are a whole other can of worms, so yeah, now I have to ship my gear that I was originally planning on carrying on - just so i can ship the batteries! There doesn't seem to be any kind of standard or consensus among the airlines, so don't assume so!.
  2. ^ seems more like paint fumes to me
  3. Damn... that's hardcore. I'd def be wanting a comedic chaser if I ever ventured to watch it. ~tt
  4. I dig the drumstick idea... but yeah, seems like it would just never be as heavy... pre-warm if warranted. ~tt
  5. Good point Robert ^ Though "box rental" forms are generally designated for Hair and Makeup "kits", and often smaller personal "kits" used by crew members in other departments, and they really shouldn't apply to or be used in connection to our sound gear. Nonetheless, I should have advised in addition that one should NEVER SIGN ANYTHING until it is amended to the desired terms. If you do sign a box rental form for your sound gear, make them remove the parts that deny their liability for L&D to your gear. Contracts are supposed to be mutually beneficial. If all a contract or deal memo does is cover your client's ass, then it's not a contract worth signing... take the time and READ THE WHOLE THING! ~tt
  6. Well said Robert. I've done a few smaller network one-offs (regional hire for nationally aired programs) where I had to insist several times on getting a COI from them before my gear ever left my house - this is usually after reading the clause in their "deal memo" denying any responsibility for loss or damage to my gear. A few phone calls and/or eMails later, and alas -- there's a PDF copy in my eMail as requested. Yeah, it seems there's yet another facet of our industry that's being slowly (subtlety) chipped away. Maybe they figure many of us won't say anything -- especially those who are newer to the industry. I admit I was a bit ignorant to that facet when I first started buying gear and doing my own gigs -- thankfully, I never got screwed. It's one of the first things I mention now, with any job I do -- bring it up early, and insist on getting a COI listing me (my company) as loss-payee for both my gear and my vehicle. If a client can't provide you with something that basic, you're likely better off not working with them. As for the studios trying to pull that shit -- shame on them. That's ridiculous. In a world where the insurance racket is becoming downright extortion, we have a responsibility to read the fine print and stick to our guns on this. DON'T TAKE WORK FROM COMPANIES THAT WON'T PROPERLY INSURE YOU AND YOUR GEAR! ~tt
  7. both strange and brilliant. gotta love L.A. ~tt
  8. I heard somewhere that when a child is in a negative emotional state that one effective solution is to put the child in water. I'd recommend that course of action for a number of "contributers" here... even with the shortage and all, it might just cool things off a bit? Good grief, people. Ugh ~tt
  9. ...until the TC recorded to an audio track bleeds all over the dial... Didn't the OP say they were considering an extension for a syncbox? so, sway them in that direction... if they decline, let it go. Putting TC on an audio track just seems like such an antiquated and troublesome method with all the options available today. ~tt
  10. no one is suggesting that... give them the information and let them decide - it's pretty simple. Why bend over backwards trying to add audible TC to hops and all the headache that entails, when a perfectly eloquent solution is right at the fingertips in the form of an extension and a syncbox -- if they choose not to go that route, leave it at that -- trying to run audible TC is like stepping back 20 years - just because a client doesn't want to bother with a simple extension for TC? Sounds unrealistic to me. ~tt
  11. read the OP again... "Using the 664 I will be sending audio via 2 channel hop. I would like to attach a lockit box to ensure sync but there will be no TC I/O on the camera unless a extension is added. " (That last part is key) ...so, add the extension and be done with it. if they opt not to add the extension, that's their choice... and they choose to try and sync using Pluraleyes... not your luggage, don't pick it up and carry it around for them. ~tt
  12. I use the Powerex MH-C9000 as well... just bought a bunch of Eneloop (Panasonic BK-3HCCA4BA's) - will compare to Powerex and report at some point. I love this charger though... having the ability to select lower charging rates has significantly prolonged the life of my Powerex AA's. I use them in my slates and syncboxes. Getting the Panasonics to try out in my SMQV's... report to follow. ~tt
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