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  1. Another thing I forgot to mention. This is also why I love Zaxcom so much... A point that was brought up during the test, that you all know already, is that Zaxcom, essentially, has infinite range. As long as you're in range when you start recording and those packs start recording, you can go to the moon and back and have all of your dialog clean. Of course you'll need proper mic placement, a big sd card, and a really long lasting battery...but you get the point. Haha
  2. Thanks philip. We definitely enjoyed doing this! Haha, it was quite the site huh? I actually have a photo of me all geared up. Thanks Glenn, that means a lot. I'm glad we were able to help! Thanks for the info David. This is a great addition for this thread. Very helpful info. We did tests strapped onto us because when we work, we never see the pack. It's always strapped to talent. We wanted to replicate that the best we could. I also held the gear during the test to see if anything changed. It helped, but not much.
  3. I agree, the ones you made seem very reliable. They also look like and easy squeeze and attach/remove. I prefer that, but I also like how the ones I have also protect it, just in case somehow it falls off. Maybe you should look into a 3D printer. You could make your own and then have backups! Heh
  4. Hey, it's not a problem. I appreciate the info. I hadn't looked it up yet, and that's all good to know. I understand the different forms of communication between gear. Regardless of what each is using, it was a general range test for the gear that we have. More elaborate tests can and should definitely be done if they haven't already. Thanks again for your input!
  5. Is the second photo not exactly what you're looking for? That's the clip itself. Unless you would like it from a different angle? Let me know, I'd be more than happy to take some more shots.
  6. I'm not sure which thread to post this in, so I'll drop it here. A buddy of mine and I did a range test today using the following gear: Sennheiser G3 Zaxcom TRK900LA / QRX100 Lectrosonics SM / UCR411A Comtek 216 series Zaxcom ERX2TCD I understand that there's a lot of variables to doing a test such as this, but we had a lot of fun doing it, we just wanted to test our gear, and to just get a general idea on how the range was since we have never found a solid answer.. Keep in mind, this was all LOS (Line of sight) testing. All results are based on when there was a complete dropout in signal. Each test had spotty results about 30-50ft before dropout. We didn't have a way of tracking distance, so I used this site to figure it out afterwards. I'm confident that these numbers are correct. This is why we used landmarks to measure later. http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-go...calculator.htm We set everything we could to the same (or close) frequencies for the best results with what we had. We used a Zaxcom Nomad for the test. I strapped on all of the wires and IFBs and started walking. We did this same test for every piece of gear, running an IFB and a wire at the same time for communication. The results surprised us both. Starting with the Lectro, we got roughly 470ft. This was impressive since we were using only the ENG style rig with no fins. We didn't have the SMV, so I believe the output power was default 50mw, which was still great. Sennheiser G3, I believe, has an even lower mw output, but nearly got the same range. it was about 100ft shorter before cutting out. Not bad, but the sudden loud hisses were a little annoying. Zaxcom TRX900LAs set to 50mw went about 3/4 the distance as the lectro did until we bumped up the power to 125. Then it reached about where the SM went (470ft). It was still spotty. We were also still able to send commands to the transmitter via zaxnet, including the recording ability, but this could only be done when we were moved a bit closer (roughly 360ft). We also set the QRX back and forth from Dual to Single. It really didn't seem to add to the range much though. The Zaxcom ERX2TCD and the Comteks were an easy test. The ERX went almost 500ft before giving out. Sure, there were a few dropouts on the way, but overall it still sounded very good. Almost as if I were listening to the recorder itself. The Comtek didn't even go half the distance before hissing at us and making noises. The ERX was crystal clear the entire way, while the comtek sounded angry almost the entire time. Now here's the fun part. Since we both own a nomad, we wanted to try something neat. Using Zaxnet, we paired our nomads together (him transmitting and me receiving) so that he could send me audio signal from his to mine via the built in IFB. He kept the QRX and I took the TRX and a nomad with me. I was monitoring his receiver from his bag, in my headphones from my bag. This was very cool. I got a little farther than the ERX before dropping out. A little over 500ft. Of course, I couldn't hear the TRX anymore, but I could hear his slate mic when he would talk to me. This seems like a fun way to chat with other fellow zaxcom users on multi mixer ENG shoots. Haha They all had range far better than we were expecting, other than the comtek. I do believe that all of the gear reached more than enough distance for what they'd be used for. Especially in an ENG setup. Of course, if we had fins, the distance would have multiplied, I'm sure. I wish we could have had the lectro IFB with us, but I'm thinking it would have been around the SM, which was very good. Again, this was just a fun thing we wanted to do and the results came out surprising for us both. They'd be different for everyone, but now we have a general idea of what they're capable of. If there's anything anyone notices that we could have done better or something we can try next time, please let me know. I'd love to do it again with any new advice or settings. Also, any questions are welcome. I may have missed a few things. Our test was pretty extensive. - Sessoms
  7. These are great! I did find another option too though. This case fits my LAs perfect and I wrote a topic on it, with photos. - Sessoms
  8. Thanks for all the advice! I'll make sure to apply all the above when trying this out. - Sessoms
  9. Great idea! Thanks! Vincent, I'm glad I have this case because one of the transmitters was sent to me without a clip at all! Haha -Sessoms
  10. A buddy of mine and I are actually going to do a range test soon, on all the above listed. Comtek/Lectro/Sennheiser/Zaxcom. Hopefully we get it done soon. I'll post more info when it comes. John
  11. Not sure if there's a thread on JW already, but I bought some Zaxcom wireless on here recently and he sent me a really great case for my TRX900LAs. I figured I'd share these great cases with anyone who may be looking for a good alternate, if they lost their clip, or are searching for one as a replacement. Not to mention, it protects it as well! It fits flawlessly and doesn't get in the way of anything. You'd have to take the TRX out to change certain settings though; but who needs to do that when you have ZaxNet though, right? http://www.niteize.com/product/Executive-Series-Leather-Holster-Tall.asp Here are some photos of the case and how it fits. Enjoy! - Sessoms Here's the TRX by itself - This is the case with clip visible. Case open (Magnetic) TRX in the case. Very snug fit and doesn't get in the way of the mic input or antenna.
  12. I typically use G3's and then gaff tape a Schoeps CMIT5U to my headphones for talk back. Ha, that sounded funnier in my head...
  13. This is very good! I teach, film and sound, and this is a great quote to throw their way. Thanks for sharing this!
  14. In my team, ironically enough, named "Your Sound Team", we work very well together. I, the boom operator, try to do as much as possible while the mixer hangs out at the cart. If we're pressed for time, we'll both wire. Setting up at the beginning of the shoot/each day involves both of us. It's a mutual thing that I setup signal flow and organize it the way I like it. As long as I stay out of the way of his side of the cart so he can organize his part. (We've been working together for so long now that stepping on each others' toes just doesn't happen.) I couldn't ask for a better teammate to get the job done. There's obviously a lot more to this, but I'm kind of pressed for time and wanted to chime in!
  15. Condoms are a pretty good way of keeping gear dry. As long as it doesn't have any other manufactured substances in it. It's not going to water "Proof" it though.
  16. I'd love to go to London! Best of luck on your adventure!
  17. I'd flip a table if someone used my wires for micing a band instead of a person. Epecially since it was placed onto the amp itself? Ouch...
  18. I've noticed that this happens with every single one of these over time. I teach production sound and we have a bunch of these at the school. The all peel, but still function fine. Nothing a little gaff tape can't fix.
  19. Here's a fun example of good and bad sound that colleges of mine put together on mic placement. I just 'acted' in it. Feel free to show it if you'd like. We are making more videos in the near future, like this one, for teaching purposes. http://vimeo.com/41686834
  20. Thanks for all this info. I was going to start a thread asking about these, but now I know. I bought 32gb cards on ebay for my fusion. I got extremely lucky because they're a random brand from a random place and they work flawlessly.
  21. I used to do a lot of paintballing myself. I also got into airsoft. If I had my guns out of storage, I'd post a photo. I have a SCAR airsoft and a SP Impulse paintball. I miss those days. I'm going out to play soon!
  22. I scan the room with my boom, and if the AD hasn't burst into flames yet, I'll ask for a quick silence. Most of the time ill just find my sound issues during rehearsals. There's sound rehearsals too
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