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    I'm a staff video producer for a local community college who is always trying to learn more about the intricacies of the audio side of the business.

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  1. Tyler has helped me out a lot over the past few years with all kinds of great advice and service. Good luck in your future endeavors!
  2. Ty, I have two Tascam DR-70Ds and other than the fact that battery life is not that good, I'm very happy with them. They're less than half the cost of the Edirol that your friend is looking at. No TC but no noticeable drift either. I used it as an audio backup for convocation ceremonies last year and there was no drift after an almost 2 hr. ceremony.
  3. +1 to this suggestion. I've had two go bad over the past few years. Replaced them each time and everything is back to normal.
  4. Tom, thanks for the clarification. I was surprised when they told me what they had to do and your explanation makes sense. I remain a happy DR-70D owner and have told others about how good it is.
  5. Time to put this thread to rest. Thanks to the good folks at Trew Audio Toronto, I finally got my faulty recorders back - kinda When they called Tascam and described the problem to them, they were told to destroy the units and that new ones would be shipped to replace them. No explanation given so I can only assume that there was a manufacturing defect.
  6. For all you Mac users, I just got this from iZotope. El Capitan Support Now Available http://bit.ly/1XeV3Dq
  7. Christian, thanks for the idea. I'll definitely look into this as the Tascam eats batteries like crazy. I get a bit over 2 hrs. record time with one COS-11D plugged into it I have the AC adapter but it is a bit clumsy being tied to a long cable.
  8. Bash, all I have are rechargeables and if I put in a just charged set into the defective units, the meter is at the bottom of the scale. Tom, the batteries slide in and out very easily so that's not an issue with me. The units have been sent back to Trew and I'm hoping that they'll tell me what the cure was when they figure it out.
  9. My second unit acted up on a shoot yesterday (exact same symptoms even though it worked fine on a shoot earlier the same day) so back to the factory they both go. Tyler from Trew Toronto has been very supportive throughout this ordeal.
  10. Olle, sorry for neglecting to mention it but that was the one of the first things I checked and it was set to NiMH. The battery indicator on the defective unit is barely off the bottom while the same set of batteries in the good unit is at the top of the scale.
  11. This is a fairly new Tascam (purchased within the past year). I was on a shoot recently and every set of freshly charged batteries (Imedion Powerex 2400 ma) I put into it were supposedly low. I tested them in another DR-70D I had and they were fine. I went through the manual but it wasn't much help. I've been in contact with my dealer (Tyler Wade from Trew Audio Toronto) and tried his suggestions (clean the contacts and update the firmware) and still no success. Before I send it back for repair, has anyone had this problem and what was the solution? Thanks.
  12. I'm in Windsor, Ontario (across the river from Detroit) and don't think there are but PM user ShubiSnax as he lives in the Detroit area and would know better than me. Mike
  13. This forum is great!! Thanks to everyone for the replies, especially Vasileios and Constantin for the European side of things. The producer who asked the question hasn't been back on the video forum lately but I've been posting the information from here in the hopes that she'll eventually see it. Mike
  14. UPS has always been a big rip off if you buy something from another country. I once got a $40 order from Markertek and UPS hit me with an additional $30 "brokerage" charge to ship to Canada. Now I only use FedEx as they don't add these charges - or buy in Canada if I can find the product for a fair price. Vasileios, can you buy a product such as these headphones and not get hit with all kinds of extra charges such as these? Mike
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