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    I'm in Brazil and my block 28 Lectro is clear and more important still legal around here. Some brazilian mixers might be interested in those 700MHz systems. I know I am. Gabi
  2. I'm looking for something modular... Gabi
  3. From WaveAgent manual: Renaming Takes and Files "WAV fi les with descriptive fi le names are useful in Post Production, even with comprehensive metadata available in a Broadcast WAV fi le. Descriptive fi le names can immediately indicate the contents of the fi le without having to import the fi le into a specialist application. Wave Agent simplifi es the renaming of fi les/takes. Wave agent allows the user to: • Rename individual fi les or batch rename fi les. • Ensure fi le name tallies with embedded metadata. • Ensure that fi le name edits are rippled through to all sibling fi les. Wave Agent renames fi les according to their embedded scene and take metadata. For example, a fi le with scene name = 001 and take number = 12 is renamed as follows: 001T12.WAV The ‘T’ separator identifi es the take number. To rename fi les: 1. Select a take or takes from the Take List and click the Rename button. 2. Click OK to process or Cancel to exit without processing. Wave Agent will not rename a take if it detects that the rename process will result in fi le name duplication." It is fast. Gabi
  4. I couldn't find the PortaBrace Deva bag on their website. Does anybody know the model number? I would like to get a bag just for the recorder and the RM pouch for the receivers... Thanks, Gabi
  5. http://www.trewaudio.com/audioflow/2009/04/08/427/ http://www.trewaudio.com/audioflow/2009/09/28/psc-refines-the-solice-mixer/ Gabi
  6. About receivers, the UCR411a has advantages over the SR such as a tracking front end. But the SR is also a camera hop (you might need one from time to time), has its own rechargeable battery slot (sony camera style, same as your 702T recorder, so you already have the chargers) and one SR unit will cost you less than two UCR411a. Its all a trade off, of course. About transmission power, these might be a good solution for you: http://www.lectrosonics.com/hybrid/sm/smv.htm You can stay in 100mW forever as 50mW does not save any battery power, and change to 250mW whenever you need it. About lavalier choice, that is very subjective. You should try and test some different models from different manufactures whenever you have the chance. This might be interesting: http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/lavs_brockett.html About going green, you should give these a try: http://www.mahaenergy.com/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=415 http://www.trewaudio.com/store/product.php?productid=780&cat=2&page=1 Good luck, Gabi
  7. Greg, I think you should consider selling your 702T and getting a higher track count recorder instead of linking two recorders which creates a workflow issue for you: you would have to combine two files into one after wrap, or you should deliver two separate files for every take. (dozens or even hundreds of takes everyday) Another option you should consider is the Comtek instead of Lectro for IFBs. Comtek receivers are much cheaper and very reliable. Concerning the wireless, perhaps you mean the Lectro 411? http://www.lectrosonics.com/wireless/400/ucr411a.htm These are great units. And if you still do some ENG work they are a good choice. If you intend to do only cart based work, the Venue might be an option: http://www.lectrosonics.com/hybrid/venue/venue.htm One less expensive but very robust, versatile and reliable solution for wireless is to get two Lectro SR receivers instead of four UCR411. These would work well for bag gigs as well with the advantage of being lighter. Good luck, Gabi
  8. I didn't order my Fusion yet but I pretty much decided to go for it. One quick question about it: Does the Fusion name its files after scene and take? I read about file naming on the Deva and apparently it names its files in a random way. Is it possible for the user to preset the file name? I know for a fact that the Deva creates a sound report with scene and take and all metadata necessary for post to locate the files. But my clients got used to see scene and take on the file name... And yes, Senator, I did ask the manufacturer and for some reason did not get an answer. Thanks and Happy New Year! Gabi
  9. Hands on review: http://web.me.com/farroutpro/sound/podcast/Entries/2009/9/12_Lectro_D4.html Gabi
  10. Mr. Lestage is selling his 147 really cheap and it's is great shape and has the direct out mod. Take a look: http://cgi.ebay.com/Audio-Developments-AD147-Console-Audio-Mixer_W0QQitemZ330375070179QQcategoryZ23785QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%26otn%3D10%26ps%3D63#ht_500wt_1182 Gabi
  11. http://jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=4213.0#lastPost
  12. Nicole, I think you should consider renting a proper portable recorder for your gig: http://www.sounddevices.com/products/788t.htm http://www.zaxcom.com/Deva-5.8.htm Specially if you need to go over the shoulder. If you don't than you can try a setup like sound board (Yamaha or Mackie for instance), and Metacorder software: http://www.gallery.co.uk/metacorder/intro.html Check this out (page 45): http://www.coffeyinteractive.com/images/The%20Coffey%20Files%20-%20Issue%2003%20-%202009.pdf It's also very important to attach sync boxes to the cameras (tri level sync depending on the camera) to provide time code accuracy so that editorial can sync the footage to your iso tracks. Good camera mikes can also provide a good scratch track that can be helpful. I second that. Good luck, Gabi
  13. That is very useful information, considering that many 788 users have reported poor limiter behaviour on previous firmware versions. Now suppose I would use one of those machines (788/Fusion) as standalone machines, relying only on their preamps and limiters for documentary and for scripted material, no mixer in front. How do you like/trust/love/hate those preamps and limiters? And thanks a lot for the previous answers. Gabi Cunha.
  14. Not really. And I believe that with the CL8 attached the 788 is pretty much the same size of the Fusion and maybe just a little lighter. Gabi
  15. I have been a happy 744T user for about 4 years now. Lately I felt the need to upgrade to a higher track count machine. Both 788T and the Fusion got my attention. By reading the specs and internet forums I could say both machines would probably suit my needs. Having said that, it seems to me that the 788T still has some drawbacks – which have obviously been addressed by SD that seems to be very worried about improving the limiters and solving some other software related problems. There is also an overheating problem and some users have reported constant system crashes. On the other hand, the Fusion seems to be a quite robust and reliable machine. The problem is that there are no Zaxcom machines currently in Brazil for me to test and I have no idea how the preamps and limiters behave on this machine, so it would be a kind of a leap of faith to purchase it. So what could really help me at this point is the opinion of users of both machines about their pros and cons. Specially the opinion of someone who has worked with both and could actually compare them. I'm particularly interested in preamps and limiters although I know sometimes this comparison could be very subjective. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, guys. This forum is great! Gabi Cunha Brazil P.S.: Senator, I know by heart your mantra about the arrows and the archer...
  16. Yes, that is correct. I found the tx to be "happier" with a - 10dBV signal than it would be with a +4dBu. Since I use the 744t outputs to feed video village I didn't want to bring the signal down to mic level and chose to keep it line level and bring it down with a pad to feed the tx. Works for me. Gabi.
  17. Bernie, I use the IEM 300 with an old version of the ew500 (because I had that tx already). I use a 10dB pad out of my 442 or 744 because I found the line level too hot for the tx. I bought the IEM rx from Gotham. They also sell a nice neoprene pouch that fits it really well. Just make sure to set your IEM 300 to mono. Gabi.
  18. This might be useful: http://www.trewaudio.com/booknook/ The titles are links to Amazon.com where you can take a look inside the book and choose what might interest you. boa sorte, Gabi Cunha.
  19. The guy is selling a pack of 2 of these for 19,50 euro. You can buy 30 toupeé clips for US$ 6. Of course you have to tie a piece of elastic between the holes they have on either side. Takes some patience. Check this out: http://www.brightandloud.com/microphone-placement Save some money. Gabi Cunha
  20. It has happened to me too. I was told by post that the RED would roll at 24 fps and that I should keep the TC setting on my 744T at 24 as well. I found that a bit strange and connected the RED TC output to my 774T just to check. And the 744 read 24fps, not 23,97. The RED files went straight to FCP and apparently the sync process was OK. No phone calls late at night. I guess if they ever want to release that film on DVD they will probably have to make a 2:3 pulldown at some point... It didn't make much sense to me at the time though. Gabi
  21. http://transom.org/guests/review/200504.review.murch2.html This is a lovely article by Walter Murch about sound mixing. Of course it is pure semiology and not even close to a more technical approach. That being said, it brings to perspective the need to focus a bit more on the construction of meaning of the film, in which the spoken words play a key role, other wise they would not be there at all. I hope this is not off topic. Gabi Cunha Brazil
  22. "This is a wonderful scene from Werner Herzog's documentary "My Best Fiend: Klaus Kinski". This is a shot of Klaus flipping out on the set of Fitzcarraldo, one of several incidents that Herzog discusses in the film." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yITx7txr-7M Gabi
  23. One possible setup is this: Boom on ch1 of 744 4 wireless to 442 2 of them mixed to ch2 of 744 using the left out of 442 the other 2 go to ch3 and ch4 of 744 using direct outs of 442 you still have the right line out to send a mix of those wireless to the red as a scratch track you can also use one line out of the 744 to send the boom track to another channel of the red if you want. or you can use 1 line out of the 744 to send the boom and another one to send the other 3 channels (4 lavs). Not really a mix, but a sum of those tracks, which is OK for a scratch track. Good luck Gabi.
  24. I just got in touch with Ambient about the wiring scheme for the Cub 01 to work with both the Ambient Eumel adapter and the lectro transmitters (servo bias and older models). Here is their reply: "Regarding the CUB-01: you might just follow the instructions given in the pdf you sent me, it says it is compatible with other transmitters. But it seems to be old, pre-SMa or, more precisely, bias-select circuit. If you look at the pdf I'm sending you, it says that bias will be 4 V if there is a bridge from pin 2 to 4, with pin 4 open it is only 2 V, which is good for a B6, but not enough for a Sanken, and the pdf you sent me says there are 5 V bias without the bridge! I would wire it differently: Pin 1 = shield white to pin 1 over a 1 K resistor Bridge pin 2 to 4 Pin 3 = black like a Cos-11 , please see last page of the pdf I'm sending you. Generally, I would only use the wirings that are given under "Works with Servo Bias Inputs and Earlier Transmitters:" 4 VOLT POSITIVE BIAS 3-WIRE ELECTRET WITH EXTERNAL RESISTOR otherwise it will not work on UM400 and UM400a. Please note that the 3-wire hook-ups are not compatible between older and newer Lectros! Else, I had no problems hooking up CUB-01 the same way as COS-11 If you got more questions maybe Klaus would be the technically more competent person. best regards Sebastian Fell Ambient Recording GmbH Schleissheimerstr. 181c DE 80797 Muenchen The pdf he sent me is the pdf from Lectro with the full compatibility scheme for both servo bias and old transmitters. And the pdf I sent him was the wiring scheme from the lectro FAQ # 73, which he believes to be wrong. From the FAQ section of the Lectro Site: http://www.lectrosonics.com/faq/faq1byref.php?id=73 I intend to buy the Cub 01 pigtail and the Ambient Eumel adapter for TA5F connectors but I am not sure which way to wire it. I have no idea as to how the Cub would behave with the lectro transmitter with this wiring that the Ambient guys sugested. Anyone else using the Cub-lectro-Ambient combo? Sorry if the post is a little bit confusing but my english is not so good. Gabi Cunha Brazil
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