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    Production sound mixer- commercial, doc, series, epk
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    JOHN OSBORNE, Boston
    production sound
    osborne4456@gmail.com 781-799-6750

    30+ years.

    PBS, Audible.com, LionTV, Tiger-Aspect, BBC One/Bristol/Glasgow; ITV, Waddell, FreshOne, Parthenon,
    CoCoTV, RTE Dublin, TF-5 FR., ARD-ZDF, Accueil-Arte, Nutopia, DarlowSmithson.
    MottoPictures, CBC Montreal- DailyPlanet, ABC Sydney

    BOSTON-, NY, DC- WGBH, Element, PicturePark, Kundhardt, Florentine,
    Towers, MoxiePictures, Storyhouse, MottoPictures, BigFish, Nutopia, Rocket, Herzog, HBO,

    Hosted- Alan Alda, Laura Linney, Jamie Durie, Alan Cumming, Jane Pauley, David Suzuki, Skip Gates, Peter Graves, Elyse Luray.
    Feature- Showtime, Disney/PBS, ABC.

    Series- Frontline, TimeWarp, ScientificAmerican, MasterClass, ScienceNOW, Hist.Detectives,
    FETCH, American Experience, Am. Masters, Columbus/Age, Secret of Life, Arthur
    Docs- Bhutto, Botany of Desire, Order of Myths, Price of Sugar, Orozco,
    MissAmerica, Baseball, Roosevelts, Life, Animated, Strong Island

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  1. osborne456

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Just twice in 3 years. menu button hold 6 sec.- magical re-set....
  2. osborne456

    NP-F batteries for 633

    http://www.poweredbywatson.com/product/1879/Watson-B_4205-NP_F770-Lithium_Ion-Battery-Pack-(7.4V,-4400mAh) Watson NP F770. aka SONY NPF series. Have had 6 past 4 years, only re-cycled one at year 4. quick re-charge. Always have 4 on hand but hardly go past the 2nd per day...
  3. osborne456

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    +1 INV-lite 19. Wind bag- for Sanken Cs-M1 Cinela Leo-20 transparent & light. Add fur for about 200. total.
  4. osborne456

    664 sound devices time code

    With power off, hold down both the Menu and Meters buttons. - Turn on the power and continue to hold down the Menu and Meters buttons until a message saying "Formatting Settings, Please Wait..." appears. Then you can release Menu & Meters. - Once the 633 boots up, navigate to MAIN MENU > 11. QUICK SETUP > 1. LOAD SETTINGs, then select & load Factory Default.
  5. osborne456

    Favorite Slate

    Denecke TS-C slate. "compact" & reliable. for myself & many Boston colleagues...
  6. osborne456

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    Cinela Leo-25 with fur works in moderate wind for an MKH 50.
  7. osborne456

    Squealing Neumann KM185

    30 years with neumann km150, km185 & kmr 81i - from heated Panamanian rain forests to sleety Swedish reindeer running turf- no problems.... so far.
  8. osborne456

    Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Correct. Boston U. grad school had some and several Cinema Products CP 16- workhorse "conversions" -standard news cameras... all mag stripe.
  9. osborne456

    Best ENG boom pole

    +1, many years for the K-Tek K102CCR Klassic Series Five-Section Lightweight Boompole
  10. osborne456


    Your Boston & New England family is with you on this and so many other of your thoughtful, timely notes...
  11. osborne456

    A little rattle in my MKH50

    Set screws loosen... and as many of us who ab-use the 50 daily eventually learn.... it's no wonder. Round-trip Boston to Connecticut, adjusted & back in 5 days. Grazie mille Sennheiser-Neumann sorcerers.
  12. brilliant, mate...
  13. osborne456

    Favorite CF Card reader with USB 3.0 interface?

    Delkin Devices USB 3.0 Dual Slot SD UHS-II and CF Memory Card Reader
  14. osborne456

    CF card corruption?

    On Delkin CF 700x and on Delkin SD 633x cards- 3 or 4 out of more than a dozen of each have produced "pops, thwaps" about .5 sec each and I also suspect it's the client's reader. For several months now I hand over production cards seated in my card reader with usb attached instructing Data/DIT to leave them seated for the transfers.......no more "thwaps"