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  1. Touch of Evil The final sequence where Charleston Heston puts an rudimentary radio mic on an informant to catch Orson welles' character confessing. Brilliant use of sound, and the poor performance of the wireless places a critical role. Not quite what you're after, but worth mentioning. I find all the old Orson welles movies pretty interesting from a sound perspective.
  2. I have no problems with my 72 transmitter but I am using a stock cable. Line out from 633. remote audio makes a cable http://www.pro-sound.com/p/remote-audio-comtek-cable-cacomxmit-comtek-m-72l-transmitter-xlr.html
  3. I've got an PSC RF multi built with cables and a couple SNA600s in a small case at the bottom of my backpack/case in case I need extra range. Takes a minute or so to do the switchover though. So some advance planning is required. The sna600s performed better than whips. The floppy lectro dipoles cut to one block did not, in my experience. In bag situation I've installed soft side velcro on top of orca bag to mount antennas. Or a selfie stick to remote them (about 3-4ft).
  4. I've finally figured out a workaround with media access on the Orca, Unplug everything on the output side, then lift the whole unit from the right side out of the bag, then it's easy access haha. still a pain in the ass and not a real solution.
  5. sounds perfect. who wants to buy my brand new OR30?
  6. saw the video, but it wasn't really clear what's possible for configurations in the bag. could one fit 3SRB/slot receivers in the main section with a 633? Or is the outside "underpants" section meant for the receivers? also whats' the price? couldn't find one.
  7. wish I knew about this a few weeks ago... :[ looks fantastic! do you have any photos of the bag with mixer/receivers inside?
  8. +1 for Pete! He did one of my 416s unofficially. It's been working great.
  9. Good to know. I was only switching from 23.97 to 29.97 and I remember it detecting and jamming to whatever I set the master clock to. I'll have to play with it again when I get home.
  10. I've been using the Fuze Ti slate for a month. Bought one of the prototypes. Love everything about it. Easy to use, auto reads frame rate and jams to incoming timecode. Water resistant, small size etc. The ACs I've been working with like it as well.
  11. Also would love to see photos of how folks are mounting SNA600 to harness.
  12. Ulrich at tentacle tells me that feature will be implemented in a firmware update end of June.
  13. Anyone had any luck jamming direct from a recorder in slave mode (and auto adjusting frame rate to master clock on recorder)? Mine don't, but works great in 25fps for now :(
  14. Have had no issues so far with water on WM or MM, as long as everything is sealed and O rings are well maintained. WMs are very large and heavy compared to MM. However, with 2 batteries, the WM could run all day on lithiums without doing a battery change and has all the remote functions of an SM series transmitter. I still prefer the size and simplicity of the MM.
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