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  1. Yep,,,the preamps on the 788 sound fine,,,I have recorded lots of bands and they sounded great on the tv when I heard them back..would I choose this 8 track recorder with these preamps if I had other options that most people use to record music… hell no.
  2. If you have your heart set on a audio for film recorder the to track music,the cantar or 788 would be my pick…I would not characterize either as musical and would chose lots of other gear to record music before these…but if it all has to fit in a little suitcase you won’t be disappointed by the clean tracks you get.
  3. No drugs? Buy some nice preamps. Sounds like you are not compromising for film…mics can be in the shot yes? If so the digital recording box does not matter much nowadays…most are pretty acceptable. langevin ,api,neve,urei preamps are pretty musical, you might want some dynamic mics (57,421) to close mic the electric guitars,,,maybe some ribbons ( old royers,rcas are great ) . As far as a musical recorder , studer a80 is nice,,,but not very portable.
  4. If you had a tentaclesync on your dslr camera,,,It would have 1 track of in sync Timecode and one track of scratch camera audio, wireless if you take the bother to set the camera correctly.
  5. There is a reason you did not find much when you dug around on google Pro tools ? Midi ? LTC timecode?... my 80s music studio called,,,they want their russian dragon back. With most of the multi-camera gigs I have been on ,the under 1k soultion for a hardwire sync on cameras is usually some bnc cables...if the cameras are too crappy to have real connectors ,then camera mic and plural eyes or whatever the kids are using nowadays is kinda normal. Scrape up the 1K and by some tentacles,they got bluetooth now,,kinda sexy.
  6. You have to buy their server 40-120ms delay,,,same as bluetooth,,,meh
  7. I have sold to european buyers alot of higher block stuff....but no hurry for 600mhz in canada,,,,you probably have a couple of years before rogers totally slams it...The government still has alot of flow charts and paperwork to do..http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf11344.html
  8. High stakes or not,when your simultaneous multi-card recording machine fails during a take,sometimes the protection is an marketing illusion. If you don't have a second recorder running...you might have squat. Cheers Sean
  9. Seven years old...its toast even if you do not use it much. Best to ditch it,,When they get that hot bad things happen. Cheers Sean
  10. John is correct. While the red can record some wonderful video,it seems that audio was an afterthought,,,or just badly designed......You must not be a soundman. Sooner or later it will burn you if you are a sound guy. While most of the time it works fine,,,The red cannot reliably record audio "just enough to sync with plural eyes".... it will pretend it is recording audio and record NOTHING usable,or nothing at all. that is why we treat it like a film camera..... slate... remember,,,,its a red.
  11. Rocking the heavy bag for a reality construction gig...who needs the gym when you have a brick like this.. Nice farmers tan too.
  12. Great site,lots of pertinent info from real professionals,,and then some of that other entertaining stuff. About time I kicked in some bucks. Cheers Sean
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