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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to audio and sound recording, and have been reading up on the physics of sound waves, comb filter effects, reverberation, Location Sound Bible book, and a smattering of sample recordings for audio recorder and mic pairs. I know that users on this forum mainly work with pro-level equipment, but I'm really out of ideas for places where I could find good, reliable answers. Please allow me to give some background to my situation. I need to record footage destined for Youtube. It will be recorded mostly indoors in a living room. I can't really do anything about echos
  2. Hi all, I'm prepping for a film in Asheville and need to get local frequency compliant radio mics with racked RX, some program monitoring TX/RX too. What are the nearest reputable companies I could be looking at? Everything nearby seems to be video A/V so any pointers will be gratefully received. I'll also be needing an assistant/trainee. Where is the best source for that? Please forgive me but I'm new to using this rather wonderful site and haven't learnt my way round it yet. Warm regards, Julian
  3. A friend of mine is part of The Museum of Broadcast Technology, a large building in Rhode Island with two floors of audio and video equipment. He'll be at NAB with at least a couple of large pedestal cameras and who knows what else. It's in the main lobby of North Hall, right at the Taxi pickup area. Worth looking at. And if you do please say hi to Paul Beck, one of my best buds from college (he went into video; I stayed with audio). You might also see Tom Sprague or Peter Fasciano; they're also good people and Boston-based engineers. When I first walked into the museum
  4. From today's New York Times: Scientists are trying to make long-term recordings of the ambience in remote Alaskan locations, to capture the sounds of birds and bears and other creatures before they're drowned out by snowmobiles and flyovers. Except sometimes the critters act like actors looking for an excuse why they can't concentrate:
  5. What do you all think are the necessities of a sound bag? Regardless of mixer brand etc, I'm talking what are the things you carry in your kit that have saved you in a pinch? Cables, attenuators, converters, rubber bands, altoids (true story), whatever it is! What's in your bag of audio solutions?
  6. Hi friends, I could use your advice. I have an SD744t and a MixPre-D. For mics I have a Rode NT4, an Usi stereo pair, 2 JrF contacts, 1 JrF hydro, and 1 Aquarian hydro. I'm going to north Australia (Cape Tribulation) in July and want to record mainly ambiances of the rainforest and beach the sound of a cassowary yelling at me I'm wondering what gear you would bring on a trip like this, so that I may consider upgrading or investing, Since I'd prefer to stay away from the Cassowary's deadly claw, I'm thinking maybe Tellinga parabolic system. Alternately I could may
  7. Hi there, Dimitri here, I own a Maxx and I am debating buying a nomad after selling my 788T. I like zaxcom products and I am very interested in the nomad. However I am not a fan of how unsterdy they feel, especially the power on switch and the cf mirror card on the nomad. Anybody knows if zaxcom will come out with a new Nomad soon? Thanks
  8. Hello! My name is William, and my question is a simple one, albeit over-asked. How does one get into the industry? I mean this in the most general sense. Should I start low and work my way up? Should I just buy a bunch of sound gear and pray? There seems to be so many paths to take, but I am unsure and honestly scared. I don't know what I'm doing and would love to hear what other people have done, and what's worked and what hasn't. My Current "Plan" My current plan is to move to Georga in the coming year, specifically Atlanta. I thought it would be best to try contacting people that are alrea
  9. I'm going to be on a show for almost 6 months, alternating travel and shoot days, with flights every week. I was curious what packing solutions are out there. Currently for small travel shows I have a lowepro dslr backpack which I find sufficient for mics, transmitters, cables, tapes etc. and a pelican 1510 for my 552 mixer ( but the 664 is just too big to put it in sideways, which i have now) and a long case for boom and stand. Usually I strip my mixer for travel and always carry-on, but I want to limit the amount of tear downs I have to do.
  10. I posted this on my blog today. You are welcome to check out the post with all the pictures attached if you like here or read below: ---------------------------------------- I recently got a Schoeps CMR. It is a single cable solution for connecting a bodypack to a Schoeps MK series capsule. I'd like to start off by saying that if you love the sound of the Schoeps Modular MK series capsules as much as I do, and also use them for your primary plant microphones (in cars, on desks, etc.) you will LOVE what this product does! There were two ways (before the CMR) that we woul
  11. Hey soundies, I recently had my apartment broken into in Astoria Queens. They stole my Canon 7D camera, and aKAI keyboard, and my entire 788 sound rig with lectrosonics, comteks, smart slate and everything else in the bag.... This was in astoria, queens New York.... If Anybody knows of any gear someone is selling for very cheap or seems shady please let me know... Cheers
  12. Near Detroit is a museum that contains much from Thomas Edison, including his actual Menlo Park Laboratory that was shipped here by Henry Ford (along with New Jersey soil for it to sit on, at Edison's request) On a recent shoot there I took my Sound Devices kit to meet it's Great Great Great Grandfather!
  13. Hello all. It's been a while since I last got on this forum. I am halfway on one of Jay Rose book but I felt that even though I read it, I'm not understanding it. Maybe it's like working a camera where you have to use it to understand it better. So I'm wondering if I should just start buying gear, learn as I go WHILE reading Jay Rose's book. And should I buy the lower end and upgrade as I go or should I try for something mid range or higher so I don't waste money buying twice. Also for some perspective, I'm working minimum wage job at the moment
  14. Whether it's taking up a mixing/booming role or just as an assist, I imagine that in some of you guys' long career you might have found little things that every once in a while or quite often come in handy on your projects or just something that does something nifty that some people wouldn't think of, well I hope there is something otherwise this will be awkward haha. I'm currently trying to find some work to start my career here in NZ and want to try learn and do the best I can from the getgo and obviously make mistakes to learn from along the way, I'm more of a post guy and had mentality tha
  15. Hi everyone... I'm currently taking a break from Production Sound Mixing and am pursuing some other opportunities so right now I have a lot of Audio Gear available for rent... I will beat any rental house pricing by 20% on similar gear. I am located in Burbank, CA so local pickup can be made or will also ship if need be. Below is a list of most of my primary gear... Feel free to ask about any smaller accessories that I may not have listed here yet probably still have. Also check out my personal website www.jonahguelzo.com for the gear list again, the kind of work I do as well as furth
  16. So I am in a rock and a hard place. I just had a great month but am not sure if there are anymore of those ahead. I must upgrade my wireless along with other parts of my systems. My worry is if I spend money to get the gear now then if no gigs come in I will have to sell them right away but then if a gig comes out of the blue and I have to rent then I lose a bunch. When did you guys make the decision to buy gear outright. Did you allow for a cushion to buy it or did you take a risk and get it? BTW I also need advice on navigating this site. The search function is pretty bad on this site and
  17. First an intro... I have been an on and off prod. sound mixer for 4 years in the Dominican Republic. (on and off because I moved to spain for a while and also started a small av contracting business which i am currently closing) Mostly did commercials and the occasional documentary or tv program(over 60 or 70 commercials). I am currently on my second feature. Little by little I have been able to purchase the following gear: SD 744t SD 442 Sennhesier MKH 416 Sennhesier MKH 50 2 Tram tr50 4 Sennhesier G2/G3 wireless Bags, Rycote windshield kits, 18 ft and 12ft boompoles, p
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