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"42" question for Jeff

al mcguire

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We watched 42 on blu ray today and totally enjoyed it.

So well done.

Great job Jeff and Glen.

One question, in the Commissioner of Baseballs office where Happy Chandler is getting a manicure while telling Branch Rickey that Leo Dorocher was going to be suspended.

There is a fly flying about in the master shot, was that a fluke or was there a fly wrangler ?

Beelzebub needs to know.

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Jeff, did you get "pigeon-holed" as the baseball film soundmixer?


Not really, just a funny coincidence the 2 movies with numbers for titles, "61*" and "42". I will say that having done a number of movies with baseball it made it a little easier to do these sorts of things since I had some experience. The other interesting bit of trivia (which I posted before) is that "61*" was my 61st movie (union movie, actually, I don't count the others before), and "42" was shot during my 42nd year as a sound mixer.

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