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DPA 406X connector and model type info

Joel C Hernandez

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I have done my fair bit of research on the web and within this forum concerning the DPA 406X series, but I haven't found a general answer to my specific question.


Is the microdot connector really as faulty as people are saying?  Is it better to just get it terminated to TA-5F for use with my Lectro wireless system?  


If I didn't hear the horror stories about the microdot I would be more inclined to get it because they offer both the 4060 and 4061 in a stereo set.  The set also includes 2 microdot - XLR belt clip adapters; and I try to use a wire when possible so this would be very convenient.  If I get the mics terminated to TA-5F I would need either the Lectro or Remote Audio TA-XLRF adapter.  Is anyone using these adapters?  I noticed the Lectro to be 3x the price.  I'm afraid this would make my setup too bulky.


I suppose by not getting the stereo set I could then get one 4060 and one 4061, but that would keep me from using the mics for stereo ambiences and SFX and limit me to film+ENG dialog.  I'm at a loss of what to do and any further information on the microdot connector or TA-5F-XLRF adapters would be great.



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If your mics don't undergo much stress and rough handling, in my estimation (owning several different DPA models, some with Microdots and some with specific, dedicated connectors), you'll probably be fine whichever way you go.


However, there's an easy solution to your dilemma.  Buy the mics with the Microdot connectors and if they give you any trouble, have them re-terminated with TA5Fs.

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All my DPA 406X have microdot connectors, and in the six years of hard use, they've never failed me. YMMV

Same here. Only once did I have a problem, but that was my fault for not tightening the connector to the adaptor enough, which is crucial. That was years ago, though and the reaulting noise was so terrible that this never happened again ( of course we were on a lake and the actors were ina different boat and I couldn't get to them...)
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Get the stereo set (60/61), and you'd end up with a lot of accessories that cost more than buying them alone in the first place.  All microdots here.  One thing I encountered on my last show, and this happened on one of the most important numbers with our principal actor, was a loose microdot connection to the DAD3056 connector.  It happens, and make sure you tighten them before you set them loose.  3 days ago one of the lavs were giving me pops during a car chase scene, and when we approached a solid red, we had roughly 30 seconds to tighten the dam' thing.  The biggest drawback from my experience.

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