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Nomad 10 Latency

Vincent Gates

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Thanks, how did you measure it please?

Analog click OUT of protools and fed back analog IN to protools.

Record a track on the timeline.

This is our control, the time it takes for a click to make the round trip from Protools OUT to Protools IN. This records the latency of Protools.  Now, MUTE that track.

Next, add the Nomad to the analog click chain and record click on another track in Protools. 


Measure the difference between track 1 and track 2.

Didn't seem to matter wether compressors and HPF's etc were engaged on the Nomad or not, still got 162 samples.

Re-ran experiment with an SD 552, and there was no latency…which is to be expected with an analog path.

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3 milliseconds is also about the same latency with a Lectrosonics 400-series wireless. Roughly 1/10th of a second -- not worth worrying about, in my opinion.


a Marc typo (is that a Marco?)


Marc meant to say "Roughly 1/10th of a frame" not "Roughly 1/10th of a second."  ...and like he said, nothing to be concerned about.  It's the equivalent of being about 3.4 feet from the sound source.

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"add up from time to time"  regarding latency spec --- what does this mean? Latency in any of these digital devices is what it is --- it doesn't change over time. Are you saying that you need to ask the question every once in awhile just to reassure?

I'm referring to adding up latency in the chain. I started the thread because a client requested latency info on the Nomad, and as it turns out, 3ms is too much latency in HIS signal path for live TV broadcast.    

For other purposes and my field work, I'm happy with the Nomad, so no worries here.  

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3ms is too much???

realising these questions are kind of pointless because im not asking your client, 

but is he not confusing ms with frames?

is he using only analogue cameras, as i am sure that digital cameras will add latency.


but then as you said, it is HIS signal path.

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