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Cantar X3 bag Custom

Reinout Weebers

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Because no bag is on the market for the Cantar X3 yet.... I designed my own. With a "little" help from professionals as 'De Herrieboerderij' aka Kees Schouten in Amsterdam witch helped me with the aluminium frame, and a my new friend Andrea Monti from The Guild of Holland, he made the leather parts.

Because the AudioLTD rack3 with Rx2040's, like almost all receivers, is to high I made a little frame to hang a front bag from. This front bag, when sitting on the ground, blocks some faders/knobs/buttons. But when I carry the bag it drops 4 cm, and everything is accessible again. The two leather straps can be released quickly and all mic and line in's become accessible.

Here are some pics to enjoy.

BTW I ordered some extra plastic bridges and 3/8 thumb screws (all small batch made). These are now with the guys from Noyzboyz Amsterdam.




















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Wow! The Cantar X-3 really requires a completely different approach to the recorder plus wireless in a bag. It seems as if there is no conventional bag that will work properly and the best methods will be some sort of carry-strap-pouch that provides the means to wear the Cantar. It is certainly interesting to see the various ways people are going to figure out how to work with X-3 in a mobile way.

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this is great stuff, but looks like a design job in progress obviously. 

i am fortunate to have an X2 with me with a proper bag from KT systems all these years. If i HAVE to break out from the cart, i could have the X2 to do it. 

However, i do want a bag for my X3 that can do the job at least to be able to carry it around protected... even on the cart. 



Reinout - i would recommend - eventually a carbon fibre frame instead of aluminium.... leather is surely sexy - i am sure people who used Nagras would reminisce about it. but new age ballistic nylon and neoprene etc are possible alternatives. 

i am still struggling with getting a workable shoulder strap for the X3 - with Tim White's help i realised it was a Cam-C buckle that mates with the steel posts on the X3. I just tried a Sony strap and it did not fit on the left side. 

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Very creative solution to a really tough problem, set by the "controls all over" design of the Cantar.   I can see why you chose leather (holds its shape w/o other bracing), but think your light colored leather will get stained and start to look funky right away--sweat where it sits against your body, dirt in the places where your hands rest often or near controls, as well as on the bottom where you set the rig down.  Have you thought of going with a much darker stain?  As you prob recall, the Nagra leather bags were mostly black, so they looked ok even after a lot of use.   I still have to get my mind around the fact that a lot of the Cantar is exposed in this kind of setup, which given its dust and water proofness is ok I guess.  This is the first Cantar bag setup I've seen that I think I could use, esp re how the RX etc are integrated.  Please update us as you refine your rig.


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Actually - the controls are not all over. they cover 50% of the top, 100% of the front and 10% of the left side. imho after i have played with mine. 

As with any other recorder of the new millenium - there are media slots, and connectors to reach out to the world - in this case two RJ45 on the right side, and then DSubs - one facing the back, on the left side, AES inout on the bottom, and the TC inout where it was on the X2. left corner. 

Any bag that can give access to the top to 50%, left side to 20%, right side only for media and rj45 connectors (not needed to access for primary access), front of course 100% which ANY bag should do. Any bag design that can achieve this is eminently suitable. It is not such a complex ergonomic situation really. 


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Yes, and the problem, in a bag, are those top controls, which no other recorder, more or less, has.   This is a pretty good solution to that part of the problem, I'm not sure it would work so well with other RX types.   I also would have trouble getting used to having so much of the recorder exposed all the time.


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Hi Guys,

In fact the bag is finished for me. I tried to upload the pictures in order of progress, but unfortunately it got mixed up a bit.

I like the the raw leather and colour and hope it will age fast. Also my Cantar overheated a while ago because of direct sunlight.

So therefore a lighter colour as well.


The carbon plate mentioned didn't convince me. When you screw a plate on the Cantar body it covers the mic inputs.

When you don't need to plug in/out that often... when shooting a documentary or something it's fine, but in my case I want them to be accessible.

Also the machine itself isn't covered and when put on the floor will be unprotected. I don't like that one bit.


As you can see in the pic's, my front bag can move up and down a bit. This is because of the hight of the RX's. This leads of course to a bit more wear.

The alu frame could be made from carbon.. But this needs some serious designing. My welder copied this one from my cardboard design ;-) And alu is light, strong and cheap.


For the shoulder strap: I took an old sony cam-strap and cut off the Cam-C clips, them put them on my Camrade harness. Works really nice.


My intention is not to take this in production. I hope sharing this will lead to new ideas and maybe someone will start to produce a bag in the near future.

I couldn't wait any longer for a bag to buy... and IMHO still think it wasn't smart to release a machine like this without a bag....




Sony Cam-C.jpeg

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