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633 with CL12

Not Chilli

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Howdy fellow sound peeps!

I figured i will get the ball rolling with a topic about the 633 and the CL-12 and what we want and what we think!

I am about to buy one and saw that it doesnt have an EQ which i assume is a hardware limitation but i am happy to be corrected! 

But otherwise it looks dam sweet! 

Will try and give feedback once i start using it and feel free to bump this to another form if its been talked about as i couldn't find anything as of yet.



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1 hour ago, Not Chilli said:

Yeah the eq definitely not currently available for the 633 and the 664. But I wonder if in the future it might be a thing or if the hardware is just not able?

The 664 and 633 don't have the EQs built in, it wasn't part of their design, as it was with the 688.  I think it's pretty great that SD decided to figure out a way for the earlier 6xx machines to use the CL12, even if the use is limited by those recorders.


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I spent the day using the CL12 with my 633. It wasn't a big shoot.. Talking head reading a prompter so I thought it was a good way to break it in!
I have to say, its pretty damn awesome. I don't have a 688, only a 664 and 633 so I am not really "missing" any of the features of the 688 yet!

It was nice mixing with faders and I didn't have bring out the Cooper with all the wires etc. CL12 is not heavy and fit on my rock n roller cart with my 633 in the orca bag right in front of it..i had a company move and had to move at the 2nd location and it was quick tear down and setup.

Using it tomorrow with the 664, venue etc on a little bigger shoot.. see how it goes!! 20160301_123848.jpg.748dbbe64105523a2665

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Just got it hooked up today and am pretty pumped to give it a proper test on a shoot I am doing in a few days. I will one day get the 688 but it feels awesome to finally be able to mix all 6 tracks without performing some kind of finger acrobatics!


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2 hours ago, RPSharman said:

That would be cool, if extra faders could be designated for the outputs.

It would also be cool if CL12 gave 633 'mix-assist' functionality. Probably neither of these suggestions are possible though :-(

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