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Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon


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Just bought one of these babies, on offer for a tenner on amazon:


They have APTX so make a nice little TX for giving up to two aptx enabled feed headsets for director/cameraman. The aptx is low enough latency to use for non critical use I reckon.

Am going to make a headphone out cable for my SD633 aux outputs. 

Just thought I would share....


Chris King




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Yes it's only two so is no good for film, but for simple doco etc where you just want a feed for the director and cameraman it's perfect. I tried it with my bose headphones which are only bluetooth, and the latency is a fair bit. I think if you get APTX headphones though the latency is quoted as 40ms which is very quick, and fine for monitoring IMO. I wouldn't use it as a camera hop or anything critical, but the sound quality off this box is pretty good. Apparently you can charge it as it runs as well, so with a USB input you can keep it permanently powered. I'm just working on that at the mo.... range is around 10m with line of site, but it can be choppy every so often if you get too far away. I think this is fine for doco/interviews where the director is in the same room.

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This model says it last 10hrs:


Is that the other version you ordered chrisyking?

They also mention that the low latency only works when paired with only one device.

That and the 10m/30ft limitation (plus you have to buy the latest bluetooth headphone) makes it less and less ideal...


How about these puppies?:


They seem to be a nice replacement for comteks (but the placement of the volume button sucks!).







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After seeing this post I put some time looking for one that's 'just right. '

I found most of the transmitters were between 5-10hours (two hour charge time) - which could be fine if you had two, remembers to charge at lunch, Or got the ones that you could charge while in use. 

I don't know Bluetooth specs well but it seems at this time any device that can transmit to two devices (headphones) negates the low latency features when in two device mode. 

Range seems to be around 10m


Sounds like they could be useful for things like Chris' doc scenario or even small studio jobs. 


Amazon sells some cheaper Bluetooth headphones for around $10 but if they're not the latest specs that may hinder the range and connectivity as franky mentioned  

im still interested in hearing your experiences with them but wish they could use full function of the latest Bluetooth tech as well as transmit to at least 3 devices. 

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I got one of these:


Really just to use as a means of sending audio to a car radio that only has bluetooth when using as a follow car (seems that modern cars don't have aux inputs any more). Works great so far - not sure I'd want to rely on it as IFB though as even the smaller delay would be disconcerting if producers were in the same room as talent, I'd think...

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In an effort to get myself as untethered from my bag as much as possible, I've been experimenting with the Brightech BPX2 Bluetooth transmitter. It needs constant power (which I get from the USB of my Nomad) which affords super low latency - enough for critical listening from my rig. My headphones are (the amazing) PURO Bluetooth cans with an optional AUX in for when I don't need the BT function, so I can be wired if I wish. This has been working beautifully for my more run+gun docu shoots where I can drop my bag in a car and still monitor audio from outside the vehicle (20ft or so), or walk away from my rig to mic an oncoming cast member. 


The only issue I have found is that sometimes (rarely, in fact) I'll get a digital "jumbling" effect for a few seconds - where it seems to cut in and out and then the last few seconds of audio is played overtop of the current signal. It's obviously not on the recorded tracks so I'm not worried about it really, but it can be annoying if I'm trying to listen for content. But again, it's so rare (once every few days) that its nothing critical. 



Evan Meszaros


*a quick note on the PURO cans: they have a wonderfully flat frequency response and this handy LED monitor that lets you know if the output signal is hitting a potentially ear-damaging db level. In 20 years, they are best sounding headphones I've ever used.*

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