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Thank you all for the very detailed replies! 


On 10/5/2018 at 7:04 PM, Rick Reineke said:

If you can live w/o some of the new features, you can probably save a lot of $$. Depends on what new features are important to you. For instance, I frequently need +4dB outputs for ENG work and the work-around would require some kind of line driver.


"I believe that: headphone amp is the same"

- Allegedly, the HP circuitry has been improved.


That's my situation right now. I'm leaning more towards the F8, because I haven't been in need of the +4dB output, and I don't really feel it will come soon. Until now, my only use for the outputs was to make a wireless camera hop. I choose the Sennheiser SK / EK - 300 model, for a scratch track. 


On 10/5/2018 at 10:21 AM, daniel said:

F8N: Switchable line I/P on XLR and pro level line O/P are worth the extra as the work rounds for either are not great for location people. Eg F8: carry different cables if you want the option to switch mic/line I/P and then add some redundancy to that (not to mention re-patching cables in the bag). Or for some reason your producer/director/camera op want line into their camera and a radio hop is not an option. At c. €1000 the chances are your radio channels and boom rig each cost more.


For now I'll be renting all my wireless systems, so I can choose my receivers output level to my need (limitation). I'll be using it the most for mic level inputs. 


So thank you very much everyone! I think I'm buying the stuff today. Wish me luck for not getting caught in buying triple of what I needed without having the money. 



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