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"Sound Speeds" vlog

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On the weekend I was involved with NZ's biggest film event: 48HOURS 

(During which teams of people make an entire short film from scratch in just 48hrs: https://www.48hours.co.nz )




Q: What is better than being on a 48Hours Team? 
A: Being on *TWO* teams at once!


As I worked late through the night and barely slept... But by my own choice, because I'm certifiably insane! As after we wrapped I then went and joined another team to do their sound through the night....




I must be mad. 




Then after a very late finish last night with the other team, I got up early in the morning to help on sound post for my main team for 48Hours! But it is all worth it in the end, and we got a great film in on time. 

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I thought I'd update with a few more of my recent ones:

I'm not actually a Goth, I'm a boom op:



Not even my birthday stops me working on a film set:


More fun with sound blankets:

Discussion on ADR & foley with a director:

Helping out a friend, showing him how to use an F4 to record to his PC:


Had a battle with a generator! The machine won this round. Oh well. 



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Did something very different last weekend, attempted to play at being a "DoP" instead for a shoot as part of a feature film. 

Meant I couldn't do sound though :-/ 




However I feel all in all the shoot went very well! :-)


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On 7/18/2018 at 6:07 PM, mikewest said:

What name do you use on IMDB ?

I need to fix that up!  People have been randomly adding/creating profiles for me on projects, so I think my credits are scattered across a handful of them on IMDB!



On 7/20/2018 at 7:14 AM, Rachel Cameron said:

It's like hanging out on location with Ironfilm. Thanks David. 

Cheers! I love sharing. 
And I'm sure it will be interesting for me as a way to look back at my progress over the years. 
Plus it gets discussions going, I've certainly learnt stuff from commentators on my videos pointing out things I wouldn't have thought of at the time. 


My latest few uploads are about my new Zoom F8n acquisition (the only one in all of New Zealand!):








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Right angle connectors (be it lemo, hirose, or whatever) has been the theme of my week. Have it when I don't want it, don't have it when I want it.

The start of my adventures with right angle connectors began a week ago:


My other updates are about my sound cart build:




Been busy on other projects this week as well:


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