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$75 solution for hardwired, multi device TC synch

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23 hours ago, Henchman said:

Furthermore,, Reaper is useless as it doesn't timestamps teh wave files, making it useless to auto synch in resolve.


Reaper writes the timestamps to the wave files if you have "Write BWF (bext) Chunk" selected in project settings.

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12 hours ago, tourtelot said:

I am looking for an app that will take LTC in in the TRRS and convert it to MTC


Strange that this did not come up:
(Working on an update now, latest version is a bit CPU hungry, should be fixed by tomorrow)

On 5/14/2019 at 6:46 PM, Philip Perkins said:

Computer clocks are notoriously inaccurate over long time periods. 

What is the problem of syncing to network time every 10 minutes? That should take care of the problems.

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On 5/17/2019 at 2:37 AM, tourtelot said:

OSX but not IOS, correct?


Assuming you are referring to my LTC reader / converter, indeed no iOS, but both Win and Mac.

(As it also does Midi, it is used a lot to slave other equipment, (video) display in post, laser shows and pyrotech stuff. (That always scares the hell out of me, since that comes with a lot of responsibility.))

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Well, I'm in Post, and I never use any 'pads'...
(Even my laptop is crippling me, having just one screen and no full blown keyboard...)
I occasionally help out at events (light, mics, couple of big screens, OSD countdown clocks, video playback and a cam, that kind of work.
I was amazed to see that the sound / light guys bring about 12 laptops. (Granted, mission critical systems like PowerPoint (that is also used for video playback) are double.)
No Ipad to be seen there, and the laptops are all Windows.


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